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Shyamala Rao

A master quilter and textile Artist – won the best of the show award for her quilt work ‘Mahabat Maqbara’

- Priya Ambalavanan

92534CBF 7359 4E7D A4F8 F9708A59ED44Shyamala Rao is a textile artist and is a part of Kuwait Textile arts Association (KTAA). She is a Member of Kuwait Textile Arts Association since 1999.

Shyamala Rao followed her doctor husband to Kuwait in 1988. Although trained in Montessori, and a postgraduate in child psychology, Shyamala was a stay at home mom to her two sons until the younger one left home in 1999. It was then she began her journey of discovery as a quilter, As a quilt artist, Shyamala displayed her work in Kuwait for the first time in 2000, and later exhibited internationally at Houston, Birmingham and Dubai. She is planning to display her work in the first Indian International quilt exhibition will be held in Chennai from 25th to 27th January 2019.  Today, Shyamala is a KTAA listed, certified instructor for several quilting techniques.

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She has also won several awards including finishing as a finalist in the international quilt show in Houston. Her quilt on an Indian theme ‘Mahabat Mqbara’ is featured on the Sadu calendar and exhibited at Sadu House.

Shyamala won the Best of the Show and many awards for her work titled ‘Mahabat Maqbara’. The quilt depicted a partial view of the main door of the Mahabat Maqbara, a stunning 19th-century mausoleum from Gujarat India. A structural quilt, the Mahabat Maqbara created a three-dimensional effect that evoked the walls of the mausoleum with realistic detail. From a distance, the piece appeared painted, but on closer Observation, it showed a startlingly realistic effect created by layers of fabric.

She also won best of show awards for her quilt “Mabrook Kuwait” a work dedicated to the 50th Independence celebration of Kuwait and many awards for other quilts.

Shyamala has been a very engaged member of KTAA. Apart from teaching and showcasing her art, she has also been closely involved in keeping the group inspired. Apart from that her greatest contribution to KTAA is in the field of technology by helping the group as webmaster for several years.  

Shyamala is also a member of Kuwait Kannada Koota since 1987 and worked in the committee in different capabilities and contributed to the cultural heritage of the Koota. She is also a Cultural committee member of Indian art circle since 1992.

Blog: http://banyantreequilts.wordpress.com

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