Moumita Battacharya

Proprietor of SB Fashions, selling artificial Jewellery online and conducting fashions shows, exhibitions and events in Kuwait where they encourage ladies doing home business to come forward and do something in life

Moumita01Mrs. Moumita Battacharya was bought up in Kolkata, the city of joy and she studied in the prestigious school of Pratt Memorial. She grew up watching Mother Teressa taking care of the city.

While doing her graduation she started giving tuitions to small children to pursue her PGDBM degree. Also she worked in a school for 2 years. After completing MBA, she got the job in ICICI Bank, after that she never looked back and she got the job opportunities one after the other in the multinational companies Wipro, IBM and many more.

After her marriage she moved from Mumbai to Kuwait where her life changed completely. Here in Kuwait less of job opportunities made her life standstill. She was completely busy with taking care of family. Again she went back to India to take care of her father who was suffering from Cancer. She could not resume back to work due to family conditions.

Her Father’s death changed her life completely and she decided to do something on her own which will help to take care of her children and her mom who was suffering from kidney failure.


“Jewellery” was something which always attracted her and she decided to sell artificial jewellery. When she discussed with her husband about this idea he raised his eyebrow and he was not having faith on selling artificial jewellery. Somehow she managed to convince her husband and started the business.

From working in a multinational she became a petty saleswoman selling jewellery among her friends. She started this business with just 65 pairs of earrings and was lucky enough to sell it in just few days. The demand for the artificial jewelleries increased day by day and she started adding more and more variety to her collection.

She named her business “SB Fashions” after her late father who has always been her inspiration. She is running this business successfully for last 7 years. Now they have been successful to take it to the e-commerce platform along with own website Now the SB Fashions products are available in the popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, ebay, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Mirraw, Craftsvilla etc. 


SB Fashions have been conducting fashions shows, exhibitions and events in Kuwait where they encourage ladies doing home business to come forward and do something in life. SB Fashions is 7 years old today and it is growing up.  

Moumita says that It was a big challenge for her to take a home business to the next level and she feel blessed to be surrounded by lots of friends who has been a constant source of inspiration and support for her. She quotes “Home business sounds very easy to start but when you do something in your house it really becomes difficult to manage your household chores with your work”.

Today after 8 years she got an opportunity to work in a school, she did not give it up this time. She believes that every woman should do something for themselves. Moumita says “When I work for my business, I do it with a lot of passion… I don’t look into the profits.... whatever we do in our life, we should be proud of doing it”. 

Moumita is blessed to have a supporting husband who is a banker and eight years old daughter.

She always had the confidence and faith in herself that she would be able to do it, but the line leading to success is always full of thorns. Moumita always dreamt to become an interior designer but god had something else in store for her so she always says to others - “Dont give up… at any point of time we need to fulfil our dreams”