Dr. Harshitha

With sweetest memories apart from getting exposed to various situations and it has taught her to face  and deal with difficulties in her profession and life as well.

Dr. HarshithaSince her schooling  Dr.Harshitha was more interested in science and have taken an inspiration looking at her friend’s mother who used to visit their school for health camps. This inspired her to take science group in her intermediate. Here starts her journey of hard work to achieve her ambition to become a Doctor.

She  did her schooling from Rosary Convent High School, Hyderabad & her intermediate (PUC) from Little Flower Junior College, Hyderabad.   

Memories are still fresh from the day she joined medical college, days passed by leaving her with the best and the sweetest memories apart from getting exposed to various situations and it has taught her to face and deal with difficulties in her profession and life as well.

She is more of a fun loving and happy go lucky girl. Since her childhood she is more into games and art works apart from studies. She used to actively participated in interschool competitions in games such as, basketball, volley ball, badminton and Yoga, was also selected for state level competition. She won many prices in sports and art activities too at different levels such as Paintings, Rangoli, and Elocution and Mehendi competitions.  She was also the class leader of her section and then her destiny leads her to become a house caption, these helped in enhancing leadership qualities in her. Apart from all these she is a nature lover too.

Dr. HarshithaDr. Harshitha  who is loving daughter of Shri V. Purna Chandra Rao & Smt. Sharada Rao and she  is gifted for her life time, her younger brother Harish.

Dance and music are her passion; She was trained under Mrs. Shoba Raju an eminent classical singer from south. Her passion for dancing increased gradually and she still does it till date. And she is happy to see her passion of dancing in her daughters too.

Here comes a sudden twist in her life, the entry of her prince charming Dr. Sateesh, and yes she got married and blessed with 2 beautiful princesses Isha and Saanvi.She really feel that she is blessed with such a wonderful and supporting family and husband who helped her to pursue her education. She is still surprised how she achieved her goal while carrying her 1st child.

Dr. HarshithaHer destiny has bought her to Kuwait, as both her kids were too young she chose to spend all her time in nourishing her children rather than leaving them alone and going for work. Eventually she tookup a fellowship course in Diabetology. She is an active member of Indian Doctors Forum (IDF) since 2015.she is the co-ordinator for the cultural events conducted by IDF.

Here comes another overnight thought of starting a Boutique of her own.  Thanks to her dear husband who supported her in all the way to give this thought a proper shape. Now she runs her boutique successfully. She is a person who Is much interested in designing cloths & accessories, she put forth her thought into business, she encouraging small scale women entrepreneur in delivering her many handmade jewellery, bags etc.

She hand picks the best items for her boutique from different states of India. They have put up their collections in various events organised by IIK and many others and its encouraging for her to get an over whelming response from her customers.

As she gives more importance to the quality of the products, hoping to give the best to her customers.

Milestones are yet to be achieved with all your encourages and blessing.  

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