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Artist Sangita Desai

Artist by profession , graduate in literature, good singer & social worker

Sangita-Desai Social WorkerAritist Sangita Desai  has exhibited her creations  by participating in various exhibitions in India. But, her first exclusive exibition of her own creations at Salmiyah,  in 2003 was a grand success and become popular in kuwait.

Again in  2015, she arranged  exhibiton with her creations  which was one of the largest art exhibtions held in Kuwait. In that exhibition, she displayed more than 1,000 items all created by her own  and each are different items.

Sangita Desai was born in Gujarat. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature from South Gujratat University.

Sangita-Desai Social WorkerArtist by profession and graduate in literature, Sangita is  unhappy with today's education system. Today’s education is mostely a memory exercise. Computers are expert in memory, but computer cannot invent. Sangita is appealing to parents to encourage children to create their own drawing, their own craft. Let us all try to make our children intelligent instead of proficient in memeory.

In persuit of improving intelligence and creativity among society, sangita is teaching art and craft to women and children in Kuwait. Her teaching is not limited to one kind of art. She has 26 kinds of art in her cylabus and she calls it A to Z of art. During her class it is normal to see ladies of various nationality are  working on different types of art.

Besides teaching art, she is a good singer & social worker. She utilises her singing talent during nine day dancing fastival of Gujarat known as Navratri. She served several years in "Samarapan" – Gujarati Cultural association of Kuwait, as committee member.

She is always active in teaching children & adults dance steps and she organised dance numbers in cultural programs of "Sarthi", "Samarpan", "Bharath Sangamam", "Bhasker", "Day" , "Arangu", "Voice" & "Cag".


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