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Harminder Manjeet Sabharwal

She has made a place for herself in the Indian Community and heart of many people in Kuwait


Harminder Manjeet SabharwalHarminder in the year 1976, moved to Kuwait soon after her marriage to Mr. Manjeet Singh Sabharwal, who was a successful entrepreneur.

She was blessed with two children . The life was at its best for her with new additions to the family, but it all came to a shattering halt in 1982 when her husband passed away in a car accident, leaving her behind with two kids.

A young girl with two kids was now all alone in the Gulf. She had always been a protected kid, sister and a wife. And now she was the one who had to take on full responsibility for herself and her kids.

Harminder Manjeet SabharwalShe had two options for her, either to move back to India and ask her family to support her in settling or take a head on challenge with life and decide to stay back in Kuwait and bring up her kids in the Gulf. Though the first option seemed the most convenient, Harminder decided to stay back and start afresh.

She found a baby sitter for her kids and took up a job as an administrator in one of the General Trading companies. As her kids moved to schooling, she also tried her hands on some small business ventures.

Harminder Manjeet SabharwalLife was not perfect and was challenging but she didn’t give up. As time passed by, the 90s brought in the Gulf war and she found herself at a crossroad. When most people preferred to return back to their homeland, she decided to stay back and make it through this tough period.

Finally, on 26th Dec 1991, when Kuwait was liberated, it was an opportunity to start life afresh. She heard that Embassy of India was hiring for a receptionist. She attended the interview and was offered a job within a few days.

Harminder Manjeet SabharwalThis was one of the best things that happened to her. Embassy of India Kuwait, brought her stability, routine, reputation and lots of learning experience. As she continued to work, and her kids graduated from school, it was time for them to go for further studies. Harminder stayed back in Kuwait and sent her kids to study abroad.

From 1991 till December 2017, she spent her time at the Embassy of India Kuwait. During these 26 years, she got a chance to serve the Indian Community Today, she has made a place for herself in the Indian Community and heart of many people in Kuwait, thanks to her life with the Embassy of India Kuwait.

Harminder Manjeet SabharwalOn 31st December 2017 she retired from her services at the Embassy and has started a new chapter of her life. She is still zestful and is welcoming this new phase of life with new energy.

She is currently the Vice-President in two associations, namely Indians in GCC and Welfare-India Kuwait. This allows her to contribute and serve to the community and its people in her best possible way. The associations have been active, independent to one another, to hold welfare programs, health camps and legal clinic in order to provide assistance to the Indian community. They are here to serve and will continue to do so.

It has been a long journey for Harminder since 1976. It’s been more than 43 years, and she is still making every moment count.


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