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Chanda Sharma

A Story of Vision and Commitment


Chanda SharmaChanda Sharm founded “Karma Entertainment“ in the year 2001, with gap of 10 years many wondered where she would end up next. Early this year, she announced she would restart the journey of entertainment to a new-generation Talent start-up. Her transition offers valuable lessons for female founders.

She had focused more time on setting a strong foundation for our culture from day one. It is easy to live your culture in the first couple of years. Nevertheless, as you grow, she realized new people are not getting it because you are not engaging with everyone as much.

We lost a couple of great people in the earlier stages of the business that she would have liked to see grow with them. Learning from that experience, she now know it is her role to consistently communicate her vision and values of her approach and ensure we are living up to. She is a driver. She just want to go fast and hard and get things done.

However, to be a strong leader you have to keep your head up, pause and ensure everyone is still with you and not way behind you wondering where you went…this is something she continue to work on.

She would say it is perseverance. She is built for hard work. Her whole career has been built on her working in industries and roles that she initially knew very little about, but she had a vision and drive to succeed in. She had to learn, leverage resources in creative ways, ask for help, be humble and work hard. She just do not know the word “quit “and loves challenges.

She refuse to let a challenge take her out, but it drives her to push harder and dig deeper. She try hard to look for the red flags that signal possible danger, so she can get ahead of things. She would much rather head off a challenge than fix it.   

Chanda Sharma

Her Best thing– she is lucky to be surrounded by inspirational women who show her every day that this balance looks different for everyone.

Her Worst thing –Women like her, naturally ambitious and prone to leadership roles, often struggle with this notion of “having it all,” and we find ourselves making sacrifices in one way or another, be it family time, personal care, relaxation or work prioritization. As independent and self-motivated women, we all too often tend to put too much on our plates.


The best advice she ever got, and from whom she fully believe that mentor ship – on both ends – is the most beneficial tool to continued growth as a person and professional. When she was first starting her career, it was very hard for her to let go and give others full project control. However, many amazing mentors showed her that letting go and trusting her team is vital to the success of any organization.


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