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TK Sharanya Devi

A confident and talented woman, yet so humble in her demeanour has passion for shooting.


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Sharanya who hails from Coimbatore,TamilNadu, is a teacher at Indian Community School, Khaitan. She achieved the highest position IFL Kuwait IFL Kuwaitat the prestigious Al Kandari Annual shooting competition held at Kuwait by bagging first place in 50-metre sniper-22 women category. This is the first time, an Indian is reaching the highest position in the championship.
Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business management from Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for women, Coimbatore, and further a M.B.A. from Cochin,Sharanya Devi, moved to Kuwait after her marriage to Mahesh Selvarajan.
She never ever thought she would pursue shooting after her marriage. She shares her success story, “My uncle used to shoot when I was young and I was fascinated by the guns. I enrolled myself in the Coimbatore Rifle club and started learning shooting.
I continuously practiced for two years during my college. Later, I got married and moved to Kuwait ten years ago. After I had my daughter, I resigned my job and stayed back at home to look after her. One of my friends in Kuwait told me that there is a shooting range in Kuwait, where they allow expatriates to practice.
My husband knew I used to shoot, but had never watched me shoot, so asked me to give it a try. That’s how it all began.”
She adds, “To my surprise, I could maintain the shooting consistency even after such a long hiatus. The dean of the shooting range Omar Al Ansari told me that I was shooting really well and wanted me to pursue it seriously. IFL Kuwait
So, I started training regularly in the range. I joined the shooting range in August, 2017. I also won the shooter of the week contest three consecutive weeks, which gave me a lot of confidence. Then, they (Dean and the coach) started reducing my target size gradually and eventually they penned a small circle and asked me to shoot.”
Sharanya is also a talented actress. She won the second best actress award at ThoppilBaasi International drama festival held at Kuwait in 2017. A confident and talented woman, yet so humble in her demeanour, Sharanya was the first runner-up in the Mrs.Coimbatore contest held in 2006-2007.
She credits the Coimbatore Rifle Club for the initiation into shooting. “It was the practice I had in the Coimbatore Rifle Club that gave me the confidence to handle a gun again. I used to shoot air guns there, but my Kuwaiti dean wanted me to try a sniper and it worked for me.
I still remember my coach Murali Sir who taught me the basics so well that it has helped me after 12 years. My husband and daughter have been a great support throughout along with my sister and parents,” she says.
Sharanya adds, “I always had this passion for shooting and this opportunity came my way and I grabbed it with both hands. Never let go of your passion. It will always be there inside us, we need to give ourselves a chance."

"Shoot in Silence; Let your bullet make the noise"


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