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Tapasya is confluence of souls who care, support and empower each other at every juncture of their Woman hood! From sole to soul! 


ThumpnailTapasya , a dance troupe formed by 12 women with an unquenchable thirst to perform and learn dance. It was launched in April 2017 by Mrs. Dakshina Vaidyanathan, bharatanatyam dancer and innovative choreographer.

Working in diverse fields, the members of the troupe come together to perform classical and semi-classical dances in various events and stages all over Kuwait. They still continue to learn classical dance forms from various dance schools in Kuwait.

It  is not just a group of female dancers ... and  also not just a group of mothers who refuse to give up their lives’ greatest passion. Tapasya is confluence of souls who care, support  1and empower each other at every juncture of their WOMANHOOD!

Tapasya launched a campaign on directing aspiring dancers towards classical dance gurus. “Power of Being in Good hands”- An initiative to identify, acknowledge and promote authentic Indian classical dance gurus and schools in Kuwait for the benefit of parents and kids. They insist on  7the need to learn the art from an experienced teacher.

The pillars of  Tapsya dance Troup are :Soumya pratap, Suman aeldho, Sowmya Narayanan, Sunitha Pramod, Reshma Subodh, Renjini Saju, Sapna Murali, Darshana Jayadevan, Sharika Rohit, Ayesha George, Geetha Menon & Bhavana Menon.

Soumya pratap, a native of Bangalore, an IT professional,  is a gifted dancer, choreographer,mentor, friend, creative resource center and above all, a selfless leader and the thread which ties Tapasya together. She is 2known for her strong and crisp dance 'adavus', competent in classical and western styles of dancing. She stands tall in any stage and carries the performance with grace. 

3Suman Eldho, a native of Ernakulam, a software engineer for an IT company loves to engineer her life through the art of dancing in a selfless style. For her dance is moving emotionally with music. This witty, optimistic dancer has an incredible humor sense which makes her the mainstay in Tapasya.

Soumya Narayanan, alead therapist in ABC Kuwait, is 4a  hard-working, passionate and ever optimistic classical dancer,with her golden heart gets excited in challenging situations where others might give up easily.

Sunitha pramod, senior research assistant in Kuwait University is an athlete and dreamer who dwells in her own 5dream world and emerges from her cocoon to mesmerize the audience.

6Reshma Subodh, a quality professional in Hadi Clinic since last 10 years is a true blend of cultures, where east meets west. Her graceful and elegant moves along with her captivating expressions is a feast to the eyes.

Renjini Saju a native of Ernakulam   is a senior accountant in a shipping company. With the looks of a beautiful retro heroine, is a diligent dancer, a great friend and an open book 8to every one whom she touches upon. Nothing could stop her from pursuing her passion for dancing and is an eye catcher on the stage. This very capable lady is the creative head of Tapasya, when it comes to costume designing.

9Sapna Murali, a native of Thrissur is a very approachable, humble and committed dance guru and is always keen to share her passion for dance. Ahard working and patient Kuchipudi lover, believes strongly that dancing is her shortcut to happiness and fulfillment.

10GeethaManoj a native of  Palghatn is a great team player and very committed to her passion of dance. Acting is her forte and she excels in performances which require it.

DarshanaJayadevan is a very committed dancer and a skillful 11makeup artist, who just doesn't dream to dance, but always goes the extra mile for it. Her towering personality with a deep sense of empathy is a true asset to Tapasya.

Sharika Rohit believes that the truest expression of a person is in their dance. Sharika captivates her audience through her 12grace and expression. She tailors herself to adapt to any situation. This nimble footed dancer can manage the beats of  both Indian and western dance with ease.

Ayesha George, a native of Alappuzha, chief quality officer in Taiba hospital, strives to bring quality in every performance with her vibrant energy and eloquent expressions. For her dance is 'The' truest passion which rekindles her enthusiasm and acts as a soothing relaxant. This creative beautiful mind is a treasure house of talents!

13Bhavana Menon, the youngest member in the team, an architect by profession,is currently pursuing PG in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Smt.Divya Shiv Sundar, disciple of 'The Dhananjayans'.

Creating ripples on stages all over Kuwait, this bunch of talented dancers are testimony to the saying, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

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