Dr. Pooja Chodankar

An E.N.T. Surgeon, has been working in Kuwait for a decade and  actively involved in cultural, social work & community services.


Dr. Pooja ChodankarDr. Pooja Chodankar, E.N.T. Surgeon at Zain & Amiri Hospital has been working in Kuwait for the past decade and has been actively involved in cultural, social work and community service.  She has been a member of the Indian Doctors Forum (I.D.F.) since inception and has also recently held the designation of Cultural Secretary of I.D.F.

She has also participated in various counseling platforms in educating the masses of how to be a strong mother while dealing with an Autistic child. Shuttling between a busy hectic schedule of duties and emergencies & the home chores, she manages to find time to be an ideal mother while dealing with her three sons, the eldest being in XII standard.

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, she moved to the United States for a period of 6 years from IVth standard to IXth standard, where in she was exposed to the western culture, to which she adapted well.

Dr. Pooja ChodankarHowever, her heartfelt for India and she returned to complete her high school from Springdales at New Delhi.After completing her high school, she developed a passion for serving the needy, where she discovered that this dream could only be translated by becoming a Doctor. She then left for J.N.Medical College, Belgaum and pursued her Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies to become a full-fledged E.N.T. Surgeon.

Dr. Pooja ChodankarHaving been married to Dr. Jaganath R C in the year 2000, she moved to Kuwait and decided to dedicate the first few years in getting adjusted to a new country like Kuwait and fulfilling all duties of motherhood perfectly.

During the first few years in Kuwait, she was closely associated with associations like Indian Women’s Association (I.W.A.) and C.L.U.B. 9, wherein she uncovered the joys of dealing with special children, providing care unconditionally and serving the deserving.

Just about then, she realized that one of her children too was Autistic. Maybe GOD realized that she had what it takes to nurture and bring up an autistic child successfully, with the gifted talent of tons of patience and showers of love. She now participates whole-heartedly in various counselling and autistic research.

Till date, she manages to deal with her work professionally and find extra time to counsel autistic parents & build a happy home for the family.


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