Compassionate Doctor- Passionate Community Worker- Consumate Organizer


“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. “

Our community has many everyday heroes who have significant positive impact on our lives in making them better, safer and happier.Dr. Saroj BalaGrover is one such example of a hero in our community who has selflessly and tirelessly served her community in her capacity as a doctor as well as a steward and benefactor of many philanthropic and social activities.

Dr.Saroj has deep roots in Kuwait. She relocated to Kuwait in 1981, after having lived in Tanzania, India, Iran and Austria. Her family has been in Kuwait for over five generations! As a truly global citizen, she was born in Tanzania where she completed her Senior Cambridge and subsequently attained her M.B.B.S from Lucknow University, M.D. from Delhi University and Zeuignes from Vienna.

After she moved to Kuwait, she started working in Infectious Disease Hospital, MOH and has carved a niche for herself. Her special interest are Hepatitis and AIDS. In fact she is the only female doctor in Kuwait who treats female HIV patient.

She has researched on as well as treated pregnant women with AIDS who have delivered healthy babies. Early on, pregnant women with AIDS were typically sent abroad for treatment given the stigma associated with AIDS. Dr. Saroj, with her courage and persistence, helped make it possible for pregnant women with AIDS to deliver HIV-free babies in Kuwait and receive specialized care post-delivery.

Dr. Saroj likes to keep herself updated and believes in research. She has done ground breaking research in Hepatitis E and published articles on various Infectious Disease subjects in International Journals.

She also gets invited to speak about such topics in different universities abroad. She has authored a health guide on Infectious Diseases with the Indian Doctor Forum and a booklet on most common infectious diseases treated at MOH Hospitals in Kuwait..

To her patients, Dr. Saroj is a patient and compassionate doctor who holds their hand and is a pillar of support for them. She never runs out of time for her patients and is always there to support them with her kind and encouraging words.

As a survivor of many political wars; three to be precise and her own cancer, she captures the minds and hearts of her patients with her own fascinating stories of survival. At the young age of sixteen, after the Tanzanian independence, she had the courage to travel alone on a ship for days from Tanzania to India so that she can pursue her dream of being a doctor.

Later on, she had to escape Iran post the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In 1990, she was in Kuwait when Iraq invaded it. Despite the occupation, she continued to go to the hospital to treat patients.

The roads to the hospital used to bedeserted, except for the Iraqi military patrolling them. No amount of fear deterred her from going to the hospital to treat her patients. While she had to leave Kuwait after the occupation, Dr. Saroj was one of the early doctors to return to Kuwait in 1991 while still the oil wells were burning.

She was determined to help all those in need of medical treatment after the Gulf War. To survive displacements three times, loose everything and to restart life, her real courage and resilience was brought to the forefront when she had to fight her own cancer.
As a result of these experiences, Dr. Saroj continues to appreciate the true value of life and how precious it is. She continues to care immensely for her family, friends, patients and her community. She is a “giver” by nature and always finds the strength to help all those around her to overcome their health related problems. She is relentless in helping those around her to feel better – physically and mentally.
She has a great passion for yoga which she performs regularly. At every stage in her life, she has been active in philanthropy, attending health camps for the poor, giving health awareness lectures in schools and community, sponsoring eye operation camps in the rural parts of India (Rajasthan).She is also sponsoring children education.

Education for her is a priority. This is very much reflected in her children, Pooja and Gaurav. Pooja is a graduate of Wharton School of Business Management & post graduate from Kellogg. Gaurav is a graduate from Wharton & post graduate from Harvard University. She was on the Board of Trustees of American School of Kuwait and helped in establishing the school after the gulf war.

She is most passionate about children. In Kuwait she had started a non-profit organization for children “Kalakriti” – to engage children in a creative activities. She travels frequently to Hong Kong to visit her children and grandchildren with whom she shares a deep bond.
She spends significant time with each of them – passing on her values of kindness, humility and resilience and making them understand our culture and heritage. She is especially proud that her children and grandchildren have embraced her values of giving back to their community while living in Hong Kong.

Her children contribute and donate to a local elder care home and orphanage on a weekly basis. Dr Sarojhas Brilliant Education Trust for refugee children in her name.

Away from being a doctor, you can find her participating in the Indian Doctors Forum, of which she was a Vice President for four years, in early years of the start of IDF. Her contribution in establishing and development of IDF is immense. Before being VP and during her tenure as VP she was actively involved with the IDF annual cultural programmesand gave many memorable events year after year.

It is not surprising that she was featured as a women of substance by KTV2. On International day of Happiness Dr. Saroj was also featured with her husband Dr. Grover, a renowned surgeon and her strength as a couple, radiating positivity and happiness.
She is a role model and an inspiration for all of us – motivating us to also help others in our community.

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Pictures of Dr.Saroj with the Honorable Al Sabah family.
--One Shaking hands with Sheikh Ali Al Jarrah Al Sabah (Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs)
--One with Sheikha Dr. Rasha Al Humoud Al Jaber Al Sabah (right) and Sheikha Shahrajad Al Humoud Al Jaber Al Sabah (left)
--One Sheikha Shahrajad Al Humoud Al Jaber Al Sabah (lighting the candle)