Ms. Jyoti Patel

Trancing dance and Fitness guru cum Entrepreneur. Director of the dance and Fitness academy “The Dancing Divas”


1Renowned for her Odissi dancing style, Jyoti Patel is an eminent Indian Classical dancer. Her-dancing career started in 2002.She was born on 8 January and raised in Odisha. She studied in Jharsuguda in Odisha. She was passionate towards classical dance from the childhood. She believes dancing makes one to be confident and develops courage to face the world with smile.

2She likes to teach Kathak dance to the children which was she inspired by Bollywood actress Meena Kumari.Before forming her dance academy, she actively participated in Odisha Association and Gujrati Association Samarpan.She started her dance school with two students (Ishika and Purvi) now she is a proud teacher for more than 1000 students. She believes dance 5removes all negative energies accumulated in our body and it helps to energize and rejuvenate the minds. Her family members are strong pillars of her successful life.

“Behind every man’s success, there is a “woman “However Jyoti 3says behind every successful woman, there is a man too. Her husband is a driving force behind all her achievements.

Jyoti is a great admirer of Mrs.Saroj Khan and Mrs.Madhuri Dixit Nane.She considers them as her role models. She has 4rightfully bagged sangeet Ratna award for the Odissi dance. She was one of the toppers in the University.

Jyoti is one of the popular dance teachers who was invited as a judge to many dance competitions all over the Kuwait.

6Jyoti strongly believes dedication and complete focus on work in hand leads to success. Connection towards eternal entity is essential before beginning any work as it gives power to perform actions effectively.

Jyoti did not limit herself in teaching dance to kids but she has started Fitness classes for women. In addition, she is one of the successful organizers of Bollywood events, dance competitions, carnivals etc., in Kuwait.

Charming jyoti is one of the leading entrepreneurs; she owns company “Fitness Plus” in Kuwait. We wish all the very best for her future endeavors.

“Dance for passion, passion for dance-Jyoti Patel”


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