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Maimuna Ali Chougle

Urdu Writer & Critic

-by Madhulika

IFL Kuwait

Her first article was printed in the school magazine. At age 14, her article Aman Ka Farishta on the death of Shastriji was published in The Urdu Times.While in college Maimuna won the prize for essay writing twice. A shield with her name inscribed still remains in Maharashtra College Mumbai. All this with little from her family.

Marriage brought her from the busy streets of Mumbai to the dusty desert of Kuwait. The challenges of a new country and raising children did not deter her from her passion for reading and writing. In Kuwait in the early seventies, with difficult access to books and literary material, Maimuna looked after her family in the day but spent her evenings reading until the early hours of dawn.Her only requests to friends and family were “bring me books”. In1980 she started publishing in the Urdu section of Arab Times. These articles later took shape of her First Book in 2003, Kuch Zikr Kuch Fikr.IFL Kuwait

A feminist before feminism became fashionable; she raised her two daughters to be independent women and surgeons. Her daughter-in-law is a successful business woman. Even her earliest writings advocated social change.

Maimuna went on to publish several more books with the latest one being released in 2017. Her book“Fikr O Nazar”published in 2010 received Govt. Recognition and several copies were purchased by the National Council for promotion of Urdu Language.

IFL KuwaitMaimuna  is currently the President of Writers Forum Kuwait. During her two terms she has steered the forum to achieve recognition and be a platform for writers and literateurs from all Indian languages. In 2014, she organized an International Urdu Seminar and Mushaira with scholars from Mumbai, London and Qatar attending the event.

She was interviewed on UK television in 2007. Maimuna received an award in recognition of her work from London Borough of Haringey in the same year. She was bestowed with an Honorary D.Lit. by the North West University, London in 2017.In 2018 she was given an award in recognition of her contribution to Urdu Literarture by Jogalekar College, Maharastra, India.

Besides her writing Maimuna likes music and art. She loves to travel and meet inspiring people to learn from their experiences. As a child, Maimoona had told her mother “I am going to be known”. And that prophecy has certainly come true.

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