Asin marries Rahul Sharma in a church ceremony

Asin's wedding to Rahul Sharma was a well-guarded, private ceremony at a resort in Delhi and was attended only by family members and close friends of the couple. Akshay Kumar, the best man and the groom's best friend, arrived on time to participate in the wedding. The couple married as per Christian rituals in the morning. The ceremony started around 11.30am at a chapel which was created at the venue. As per sources, there were around 100 guests who attended the morning wedding and stayed for a special lunch with the couple.


The hotel staff was strictly warned about not letting anyone whose name was not on the guest list to pass even the main entrance of the hotel. The security and staff at the entrance, said, "We are booked for a private function and entry of any other guest is not allowed. The hotel is closed for two days for any other guest."


The couple got married as per Hindu rituals in the evening.


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