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WRITERS’ FORUM, KUWAIT Celebrated ‘Ek Shaam, Chhaya Athavale ke saath’

WRITERS’ FORUM, KUWAIT Celebrated ‘Ek Shaam, Chhaya Athavale ke saath’

Group PhotographA lifetime often proves insufficient to truly and completely ‘know’ a person. People do become a part of our lives, yet it is a mere ‘part’ of them that we become acquainted with. We just about manage to get a glimpse sometimes of those we have known for two to three decades. Whether paucity of time or strength of our endeavours to do so maybe at fault, but we care to gather a few details about each one.

42The Writers’ Forum, Kuwait decided to adopt a unique course of action whereby each of its members and his or her poetry and writings shall be known better and understood in-depth, by dedicating an entire evening.

WFKThe Writers’ Forum, Kuwait dedicated the evening of 27th July’18 Mrs. Chhaya Athavle, a teacher by profession and poet by passion. She has been associated with WFK since a very long time and writes in Hindi, Marathi & Gujrati.

PresidentOn the evening of the day, at the residence of Mr. Milind Rajgolikar & Mrs. Preeti Rajgolikar, the members of the Writers’ Forum gathered with much gusto, eager to exclusively savour the distinct style of poetry of Mrs. Chhaya Athavale. An introduction and brief life sketch of the poet was given by Sunil Sonsi who was the anchor of the evening.             

Cultural AssociationThe President of the Forum- Mrs. Maimuna Chougle presided over the program, while Sanjay Saxena (President of All India Cultural Association, Kuwait) and Malik Mohiuddin (Urdu Poet from Hyderabad) were the Chief Guest for the occasion.

36Hitherto-not-known aspects of Chhaya Athavale’s personality and distinct turning points of her life came to the fore as the evening proceeded. She mesmerised the audience with her thought-provoking poetry, reflecting varying moods and styles. The honesty and forthrightness in her personality is amply reflected in her works too. She read out some poems from her collection.

28Other members of the Writers’ Forum, including some who have known Chhaya Athavale for about two decades now, spoke eloquently about the poet and the wonderful relationship they shared with her.

27Mrs. Preeti Rajgolikar, Sayeed Nazar Kadpawi, Sunil Sonsi, Rajiv Athavale, Mrs. Archana Deshmukh, Mohan Singh, Tushar Mishra, Milind Rajgolikar, Ketan Kharvade, Amiruddin Amir, Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Bhardwaj and Ali Chougle spoke about the poet, her sensitivity and her works.

23Some of the member, Umesh Sharma, S. Qamar Minto, Sabir Galsukar & Aamir Diwan who were out of Kuwait sent their note of appreciation from far away lands which were presented by Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Bhardwaj, Shabbih Ahmed, S. Nazar Kadpavi & Rajiv Athavale respectively.

24The evening was one of moods becoming reflective and emotions overwhelming, as the recitations by the poet progressed through.

The Chief Guests- Sanjay Saxena and Malik Mohiuddin then dedicated a few words of appreciation to the poet, and also 35the WFK for organizing ‘Ek Shaam, Chhaya Athavale ke saath’ President- Mrs. Maimuna Chougle spoke of her association with the poet and presented views on Chhaya Athavale’s personality and literary works. A memento was presented to Chhaya Athavale for her contribution to the growth of the Forum.

The program concluded with Sunil Sonsi expressing his gratitude to all for the joint endeavour.

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