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ICS Presented Theatrical Day with Legend and Young Artists

Theatrical Day” with Two English Plays

ICS presented Theatrical Day with legend & young artists. 

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Theatrical Day was new experience of ICS Mission with India’s highly acclaimed play in English (comedic & social satire) On Friday 26th October from 5.15 to 10.15pm. Theater world has surprised & appreciate about back to back play from two different production houses, it never happened anywhere in the world. But Indian Cultural Society presented successfully.

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  1. 1. Two Adorable Losers & 2. That’s My Girl


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Two Adorable Losers, staged featuring Darsheel of *Taare Zamee Par* fame and Abhishek Patnaik who is also the writer of situational comedy both actors enthralled the audience with their standout & hilarious performance. They were masters of their craft. We equally appreciate the crew that walked silently behind the scenes, bringing together a most memorable performance. The script was fantastic & acting even better direction, sound & lights were phenomenal. Ms Rimsh Minocha has coordinated perfectly.

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That’s My Girl was a story of a daughter who has come seeking for a role in Hindi Film Industry and meets her father, who had deserted her & her mother 20 years ago. Although the undercurrent of the story is very emotional & sensitive, every line brings smile and laughter on faces. The interaction between Daughter, a wannabe Film Actress & her Father, a veteran Film Writer is hilarious, but also chokes the heart in some moments. That’s My Girl starring young actress Shweta Rohira & theatre veteran Anant Mahadevan, the play focuses on the relationship between an estranged father & his daughter. Ananth Mahadevan as the father does a fantastic act of portraying a frustrated, ageing writer who suddenly has to adapt being a father, and also handle his daughter’s teenage angst. Anil”s girlfriend Ananya Dutta is the one who acts as a bridge between the two & shows both characters the error of their ways. Father-daughter relationships can be special. But sometimes they are not straightforward as in the case of Anil Desai (Ananth Mahadevan) and his daughter Aishwarya (Shweta Rohira) who have been estranged from each other for several years. THAT'S MY GIRL, written and directed by Bharat Dabholkar, engages with this turbulent relationship, and ends in a sugary resolution. Producer Richa Goel & Krishna Mohan is supreme power to bring this play in Kuwait.  Team Indian Cultural Society has executed perfectly both plays in time frame with memento ceremony & souvenir release.

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Event graced by senior citizen & chairman of Al Mailem group Kuldeep Lamba, main sponsor Nitin Singhvi( cfo- ATC), Minhaj Shikari, Rizwan & Furqan Millar ( Managing Partner – Asia Plus) Ibrahim Vora ( Director- Siver Star), Jagdeep Sahni ( MD- OBTC) Nidal Ahmed ( Sahara Ac Co.) Ashish Tandon (GM- KAICO group), Kaizar Shakir (cfo- Gulf Consult), Ishan Badruddin ( SM- Jazeera Airways) etc.

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President Ashfaque Khan expressed his sincere thanks to all techno staff, ground force, Singh media, Arab times & dedicated executives of Indian Cultural Society. He also announced BARFF a next theatrical treat with film actor & director Shourabh Shukla, Sadia Siddiqui & Sunil Palwal.

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