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TAMIL VAGUPPU – ABBASIYAThe Tamil Vaguppu – Abbasiya, celebrated their  1st Anniversary on 2nd November , 2018, 6.00pm at  “Poppins Hall – Abbasiya”. The function was enthusiastically commenced with Tamil Thai vazhthu. Mrs. Lavanya Loganathan, the teacher of Tamil Vaguppu – Abbasiya delivered the welcome address.

The Programme was geared up by lit the lantern by Mrs. Nalini Velavan, Mrs. Rajeshwari Saravanan, Mrs. Priya SwamySargunam, Mrs. Nithya Gopalakrishnan & Mrs. Lavanya Loganathan, followed by Tamil traditional dance “ KUMMI” performed by the girls of Tamil Vaguppu- Abbasiya.

TAMIL VAGUPPU – ABBASIYAThe Honourable Chief guests, Dr. Kumar, (Senior Scientist of Marine Resources in Ministry of Agriculture- Kuwait)., was honoured by Mr. Saravanan, Mr. Neelamani, (Senior Research Scientist in KISR – Kuwait)., was honoured by Mr. Velavan, Mr. K. Sethu,( Founder of Valaikuda Vanambadi Poet Association)., was honoured by Mr. Gopalakrishnan & the Special Invitee Mr. Sunilkumar, ( Director of Hansutech Engineering Co.)., was honoured by Mr. SwamiSargunam.

The Programme was organised by Tamil Vaguppu- Abassiya, to create a Platform for the Tamil community children to flourish in their (Mother tongue) Tamil Language.

TAMIL VAGUPPU – ABBASIYAAll the children of Tamil Vaguppu- Abbasiya, participated in different events like Poems, Songs, Speech & Drama. All the events performed by the kids were amazing also very well enjoyed and appreciated by the guests and Audiences, especially some bizarre performances like “ Kannagi” role from Sillapathigaram, by Deivasri, Villupattu by Kanwal, Lalith, Mithilesh, Brahmishtha, and the famous Tharumi conversation from the film Thiruvillaiyadal, rescripted for present situation was performed by Shrinithi and Abhishek.

The Honourable Chief guests, Special guest, Parents and friends were addressed their greetings, wishes and also the appreciation to the participants.

At the end of the Programme “Vote of thanks” was given by Mr. Gopalakrishnan, followed by all the children were appreciated and distributed Trophies, Certificates by Tamil Vaguppu – Abbasiya, and also the special gifts was sponsored by Volunteer Mr. Anand, ( Fuji Lifts Kw.,). The Programme was concluded by Tea and Snacks arranged by Tamil Vaguppu – Abbasiya.


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