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!!! International Mushaira by AICA Kuwait !!!



!!! International Mushaira by AICA Kuwait !!!

 International Mushaira by AICA KuwaitMushaira has a long history and certain traditional characteristics. India, Arabia and Iran had the tradition of mushaira. Ameer Khusrau in the foreword to his Ghurat-ul-Kamal described, a mushaira attended by princes and other eminent personalities of the city to be a cultural event, with its own etiquettes and decorum. It was an opportunity for the younger generations to learn, not only the language or the craft of poetry but manners and propriety and modesty as well.

The “International Mushaira”, cornerstone programme of All India Cultural Association, Kuwait (AICA) was held at Jabriya Medical Association Auditorium on December 21, 2018. This is the fifth year in succession of AICA being in forefront of organising such mushairas.

Keeping in with its mission of promotion of intercultural dialogue, AICA strongly believe that people from different cultural backgrounds have a lot to give to each other and without proper skills of intercultural communication and intercultural dialogue competences, it is very hard to start and sustain efficient intercultural cooperation. The Mushaira was well attended by poets of international stature and repute from India, Pakistan, Dubai and USA.

 International Mushaira by AICA KuwaitThe Mushaira was presided by the celebrated Rahat Indori, a keen and well known poet from India and the Chief Guest was Padma Shri, Vinod Dua, an Indian media and TV personality. He has served the Indian media in different positions such as Political Commentator, Election Analyst, Director, Producer, and Anchor. The Guest of Honour was Anubhav Sinha, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, who is a famous movie maker from Bollywood. Some of his block buster directions are movies like Tum Bin, Shahrukh Khan, starrer, Ra One – and recently released Mulk. Asif Nizamuddin Siddiqui was the Special Guest who is an ardent supporter and the spirit behind AICA’s activities. The compere for the evening was Abrar Kashif, a veteran Urdu poet and a celebrity in his own right. With his perfect diction and interesting couplets, he lent a lively touch to the evening. President Sanjay Saxena & General Secretary Ali Memon Welcomed the Guests.

The Mushaira curtains were raised by lighting of the lamp by Dr. Chinni Dua, the wife of the Chief Guest. The Mushaira went on way past midnight with over 12 poets sharing their compositions. The receptive audience consisted of a mixture of people from different professional fields and those hailing from different parts of  International Mushaira by AICA KuwaitIndian subcontinent as well as admirer guests from Dubai and Canada. Earlier the host of the show Mujib Akhtar blaze the trail by introducing and welcoming the poet guests who had come to partake in this Mushaira. The poets of the evening included, Manzar Bhopali, Iqbal Ashar, Shaukat Fahmi, Liyaqat Jaafri, Vijay Tewari, Usman Minai, Dr. Nadim Shaad, add the name of Dubaai Shayer and Ms. Alina Itrat.

Organising such mushairas is a great service for the promotion of Urdu poetry. All India Cultural Association – AICA, under the patronage of its founder Convenor, Mohammad Aamir, has revived and introduced the tradition of the Urdu mushaira in deserts of Arabia. AICA had been inviting poets representing both the younger generation as well as the masters of verse to recite their ‘ghazals’ and ‘nazms’. The poetry narrated are diverse both in structure as well as in content. The poets in these several years, since the gauntlet to introduce and promote urdu in Kuwait taken up by Mohammad Aamir, has brought to life the brilliance of Urdu poetry and captivated the large audience with the “couplets”, “ghazals” and “nazms” that speak of beauty, love, peace, struggle and the purpose of life.

This is the fourth year in succession of AICA being in forefront of dedicating this year’s Mushaira to the memory of the legend, Kaifi Aazmi. In earlier years, AICA has dedicated the same in memory of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai, Khumar Barabankvi and Majaz Lucknawi in the hope that holding mushairas would become prestige point as described in Babarnaama by none other than the Mughal King Babar himself.


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