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Book Releasing Function in Malaysia by Kuwait Poet Vidhyasagar

Book Releasing Function in Malaysia by Kuwait Poet Vidhyasagar
VS M Uni 2019 6"Poem writer Pannool Pavalar Mr. Vidyasagar from Kuwait was been invited by the Penang state Minister Shri. Ramasamy to receive award By praising Vidhyasagar ’s twenty years above of writing his literature and songs, short stories, essays and poems and distributed a global award for "Tamil Craftsmanship"(Tamizh Padaipilakkiya Chemmal)  on 24.02.2019 by the Malaya University, Oms Foundation VS M Uni 2019 7and “Tamil Thai Charity”. The "World Thirukkural Convention" held by the Tamilnadu Foundation was proud. 
And his mother is Mrs. Kempeeshwari Amma, the Chief Minister, was delighted with the soulful gratitude of the stadium to woo their mother on the stage.
VS M Uni 2019 12In addition, on 23.02.2019 the poet and writer Mr. Vidyasagar wrote a booklet titled "Vaazhvai Sedhukkum Oru Nimidam (One minute caring for life)" and a memoir of a memorable song on the stage where his mother publishes it through the world's famous Cardiologist Dr. Sokkalingam, Tamil Thiru V.O.C. Grandson Shri. Muthukumara Swamy, the founder of the ClassRoom publishing company, School teacher Mrs.Uma Ganesan and founder of Tamilnadu Trust founder Mr. Udayar Koil Guna and Treasurer Sivakami Guna were also receiving books and mother’s songs CD from his mother.
The stadium was applauded by the melody of the Tamil song and the melodrama of the song".
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