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Raag `N’ Rhythm’s  'Anubhuti'

Raag N’ Rhythm’s  'Anubhuti'

anubhiti 7Ideated by Malini Viswanath,  Anubhuti , was the `Experience of a live conversation between four Art Forms’`The spoken word,The melodic Raga, The Nritta,and Live Painting. Rasikas were taken on a journey through the `Day’s emotions from the` Break of Dawn’ to `Loving our work and Passion’

to `Understanding the Rhythm’in our life and eventually, coming home to realizing `How,Harmony in the above aspects of life is vital for a contented sustenance’.

anubhiti 14The above emotions were essayed with a deep sense of reverence towards `The Art’by Shri Suryaprakash Samudrala(A distinguished Toastmaster ,a highly acclaimed Engineer,and some one who has trained many in the art of public speaking)On the `Expressions’. Shri Surya Prakash kept the listener spell bound with the  `Art of Expression’ through the `Spoken Word’ describing the above emotions with his eloquence, diction ,literary ease and impressive public speaking skills

anubhiti 16On the ` Nritta’ was Mrs Vinitha Pratish(well trained in Bharatanatyam,Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam, under renowned Gurus in India and has been propagating fine arts in the Gulf since 2005 through Shrishti Productions.)Vinita Pratish brought out the emotions of the day with absolute verve, dexterity and skill, keeping the  audience glued to her `Bhava’.Her Nritta depicted her love for nature,the Nava Rasas(in rhythm)and the Tulsidas bhajan`Thumaka Chalata’essaying `Love’

anubhuti 5On Live painting was Shri  Siva Nageshwar Rao(Professional qualified in fine arts, having pioneered the art of micro painting(on seeds and pluses),clay modeling,sand art,and some one who’s held many exhibitions including one on Micro painting, where he exhibited `The kings of Kuwait’ ).

Shri Nageshwar’s live Painting was breathtaking, as he depicted the `Day’s emotions on the canvas with the human face, emerging at the dawn , seeking energy from the Universe and  trying toanubhuti 11 realize the harmony of life with his strokes and colors epitomizing the emotions.

The emotions were musically engaged to the above performing and visual arts by Smt Malini Viswanath(A, Guru,Writer,Publisher,Performer,Engineer, and someone who believes strongly that our Ancient Art Forms,are `The strength of a good society’ and has students `The world over’ learning through utmost reverence).Smt Malini  demonstrated her `Concept’ of `Anubhuti’ through the delineation of ragas `Bowli’ `Subbhapantuvarali’`Pancharatna anubhuti4Thllana’ and gave the endearing message of how ,in today’s times `Art for Art’s Sake’ is the  need of the hour.

Shri Anant Kapadiya,Smt Banani Bose,Mr Crawford D`Souza,Dr Ramani,and Dr Asha,lit the inaugural lamp of knowledge after the documentary `Ar ful  Reflections’ by the world wide  Students of Malini Viswanath . The event,held at Gurukul, Salmiya was the collaboration between  `Raag`N’Rhythm’ and IIK(Indians in Kuwait).

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