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Kuwait Tamil Sangam celebrates Ladies Day Program


Kuwait Tamil Sangam celebrates Ladies Day Program

Kuwait Tamil Sangam celebrated Ladies Day on 18th April 2019 at Salmiya Indian Model School's Auditorium along with its Annual General General Meeting for the year 2018-19.

Kuwait Tamil SangamOn this auspicious occasion, various cultural on-stage performances like dance, fashion, poetry recitation etc were performed by the lady members of KTS.  Each program showcased the talents of our members' better-halves – the home-makers. The mothers wouldn’t have achieved this feat without the support of the family members and KTS stands grateful to the families of all members. Entire program was designed and hosted by our Lady Committee members. Among all the performances, the traditional Indian saree fashion show was appreciated and enjoyed by the audience.

Kuwait Tamil SangamMr. Kandanathan, President of KTS welcomed the gathering.  This was followed by the Income & Expenditure statement for the year 2018-19 presented by Mr. Ramakrishnan, the Treasurer along with Mr. Muralli, the Joint Treasurer.  Later, the Secretary Mr. Mariappan invited the all the Committee members on-stage. With all Committee members on-stage, he acknowledged and appreciated each of their contributions to the successful conduct of all events throughout the previous year.

Then followed the much awaited moment of the evening, speech by Kalaimamani Solvendar Thiru. Suki Sivam, popular orator, writer and scholar Kuwait Tamil Sangamwho is widely known for his motivational, religious and philosophical speeches among the Tamil population.  Listening to him is always a delicious treat and this occasion too was more joyous and informative than what was expected. The theme of the evening was “Standing Omnipotent” representing the role of Women in the lives of everyone. The speech was so scintillating that the audience were spellbound for over 2 hours.

Then came the delicious dinner time. Sangeetha Restaurant served dinner to all members.

KTS thanked each family with memorable gifts to recognize and reward all the ladies that had participated in the various events. The 2018-19 committee of Kuwait Tamil Sangam thanked and appreciated all their members, well wishers and sponsors for their extended support and valuable suggestions.

For the 1st time ever, each of the loyal KTS families were given a worthy and notable gift that left them with a smile.


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