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Writers’ Forum Kuwait – AGM

Every ending is a new beginning”;

With this thought in mind, Writers’ Forum Kuwait conducted the Annual General Meeting on 3rd May 2019 at the residence of its member, Mrs Priyanka Baranwal, a poet, writer and guitarist.

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The meeting started with Mr Sunil Sonsi, Joint Secretary of the Forum, congratulating the female members – Mrs Maimuna Chougle, Mrs Chayya Thakkar, Mrs Madhulika Mohta, Mrs Kavita Sarvesh and Mrs Vijaya Nair for being recognized as Indian Women Achievers by Indian Frontliners, Kuwait.

Subsequently, Mr Sonsi briefed the Forum about the activities and achievements of the Forum under the current Executive Team’s tenure. Mrs Nazneen Ali, the Treasurer, presented the accounts of the Forum. Mrs Maimuna Chougle, the outgoing President, thanked all the members for their support during her tenure and urged the members to continue their commitment and contribute positively towards the Forum’s growth. She also suggested the members to read more to strengthen their literary skills. This was followed by a brainstorming session where the members discussed and contributed valuable ideas to improve the functioning of the Forum.

The members of the Forum apprised and appreciated the fact that Writers’ Forum Kuwait continues to be a unique platform for poets and writers in different Indian Languages, with everyone given the autonomy to express themselves freely, yet in a constructive manner.

The meeting proceeded with Mr Ali Chougle, a patron of the Writers’ Forum, conducting the electoral procedure for the election of the new committee. Mrs Maimuna Chougle, the current President of the Forum and a veteran Urdu critic and writer was unanimously chosen to continue as the President of the Forum for the second time in a row. The executive committee chosen include Mrs Chayya Athavale ( Vice President), Mrs Nazneen Ali ( Gen. Secretary), Mr Ravin Singh ( Joint Secretary), Mrs Madhulika Mohta ( Publication and IT Secretary) and Mr Aamir Diwan (Treasurer). The advisory committee formed comprise of Mr Umesh Sharma, Mr S. Qamar Minto, Mr Mohan Singh and Mr Satya Narayan. Other Executive members selected are Dr Radhika Bharadwaj, Mr Sayeed Nazar, Mr Tushar Mishra and Mr Shakeel Jamshedpuri. The new executive committee is a perfect blend of experienced seniors and zestful new members.IFL Kuwait job news

All the members of the Forum congratulated Mrs Chougle for her re-election and vowed their full support to her. They wished her yet another successful term, hoping that the Forum would reach new heights under her guidance and leadership. The Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to all for their presence and special gratitude to the hosts of the evening Mr Sumit and Mrs Priyanka Baranwal.


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