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Arabian Nights @ YOGA BLEND - Dr. Prabha Krishna

1Willness to Fitness – called as “WiFi”, an annual event reached its Third year (Season 3), It is a “40 days of fun, with simple and effective lifestyle and wellness challenge through yoga and wholesome diet for good health under the expert guidance of Dr. Prabha Krishna.

Here in “WiFi”, an opportunity is created to reconnect to yourself, to deepen your yoga practice, to connect with like-minded people and to nourish, restore and reset the body, soul and mind. This is an exclusive event for Women participants of any age, health condition and fitness levels.

Dr. Prabha Krishna, had designed the program with more focus on overcoming lifestyle disorders, chronic and hereditary diseases and overall wellness. The 40 days’ program consisted of well-planned wholesome diet plans, simple and easy yoga practices and fulfilled healthy lifestyle changes.

2WiFi S3, was a grand success as the members who participated not only gained back their health, they also gained their confidence and will power to lead a healthy lifestyle at the end of 40 days. Ultimately with the right lifestyle and eating habits they ended up in a good weight loss, in a natural way, which is an indicator of good positive health.

On 2nd May 2019, the Grand Finale of the WiFi challenge was celebrated under the theme of “Arabian Nights” to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan & to rejoice the successful completion of 40 days of challenge with all the participants.

Dr. Prabha Krishna, made a special mention that WiFi S3, has reached this stage with the continuous support from “Fitness with Urvi” along with our Event Sponsors.




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