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BDK Kuwait - Ramadan Mega Blood Drives

Emergency Blood Drives by BDK Kuwait during the Holy month of Ramadan

ABB 18Blood Donors Kerala (BDK), Kuwait Chapter organized emergency blood donation Drives in coordination with Kuwait Central Blood Bank to meet the shortage of blood donors during the Holy month of Ramadan; based on special request from the Central Blood Bank. The Blood donation camps were conducted in Abbasiya, the mini Kerala of Kuwait, heavily populated with expatriate community and also at Mahboula inhabited by expatriates in labor camps of various reputed companies in Kuwait. A medical team of 40 paramedical staff and Doctors, from the Central Blood Bank participated in the camps conducted. The camps were organized from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM and received an unprecedented response from the expatriate community.  More than 200 people, including men and women donated blood in both the camps and hundreds of people had to return without donation, due to the restricted timings of the mobile camps.  

The camp program was inaugurated by Adv.  John Thomas, Manager, United Indian school. The website of BDK Kuwait, established to coordinate blood donation, was launched by the representative of Indian Doctors Forum Dr.  Antony Sebastian Dcruz.  Jamanti Designs, a leading web design company in Kuwait, has designed this website for BDK Kuwait, as a voluntary contribution. The website also includes the latest information on blood donation, provisions to upload the posts of blood requirements, registration of blood donors, etc. Various dignitaries like Loka Kerala Sabha Member Sam Painamood, Babuji Batheri (Thanima), Roji Mathew (Pala St. Thomas College Alumni), Manoj Parimanam (Bishop Moore College Alumni), Anil Anad (Yathra Kuwait), Shafi (KKMA-Magnet) and event Sponsor representatives Lijo (UNIMONI), Nishad (Al Awtar), BDK Kuwait Advisory Board Member Rajan Thottathil, Justin (Jamanti Design), Prasanth Koyilandi (Darshan Photography) participated in the inaugural function . 

The meeting was presided over by President Reghubal Thengumthundil,  Secretary Rosmin Soyous Plathottam welcomed the gathering and the Patron Manoj Mavelikkara delivered the vote of thanks. Rajesh RJ, Rameshan T.  M. and Praveen coordinated the camps.  Almost 30 volunteers, led by Jayakrishnan, Yamuna Reghubal, Sarath Kattoor, and Soyous Tom Jose worked hard even during the late hours during these two days for the success of the camps.  

This event was the eighth Blood Donation Camp during 2019 by BDK Kuwait with the support of various Organizations and Associations. BDK Kuwait is also organizing the third Blood Donation campaign during this Holy month of Ramadan at the Central Blood Bank, Jabriya on 24th May 2019 in Association with LalCares, Kuwait.

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