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TMCA Grand Iftar Banquet - Ramadan 2019

Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA)

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Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA), an Indian Embassy registered active social organization, serving community since 1995 (24 years), hosted a large and traditional Grand Iftar Banquet (Ramadan 2019) which was held on Friday, the 17th May-2019 from 4:30 pm in Kuwait Teachers Society, Dasma, Kuwait.

Mr. Narayanan, First Secretary, Community Welfare, Embassy of India, who participated on behalf of H.E The Ambassador of India to Kuwait was the Chief Guest of this grand event along with our Special Guest, Moulana Moulvi Abdul Azeez Baaqavi, Dy.Gen.Secy, Tamilnadu Jamaath Al-Ulema Council, well-known Islamic scholar and orator from Coimbatore and many more personalities from different communities adorned this program.

This Event was sponsored by Bro. ‘Lucky’ Sulaiman Batcha, Chairman and Managing Director, M/s. Lucky Printing Press, and more than 1000 brothers and sisters attended the Iftar and graced the function.IFL Kuwait job news

Part - 1

The program started with recitation of holy verses from noble Quran by young reciter, Master. Abdul Basil Hidayathullah. Vittukatti Bro. Sheik Mastan, Executive Media Secretary, TMCA initiated the program and staged Master of ceremony.  ‘Ayyampet’ Bro. Thambidurai, our Secretary-General welcomed our guests and all attendees to the event briefly pin-pointing activities of TMCA up-to-date. ‘Karaikal’ S.M. Arif Maricar, President, delivered presidential address, thanking everyone for marvelous support and cooperation to TMCA.

Our Special Guest, Moulana Moulvi Abdul Azeez Baaqavi delivered amazing address on topic ‘Islam – a religion of tolerance and understanding’ lasted for an hour highlighting the importance of preserving and maintaining social unity and solidarity among our Ummah citing historical events and teachings of Islam and Sunnah.

Part - 2

English part of this program has been well staged by ‘Peruvalanallur’ Bro. Hidayathullah, former TMCA Vice-President, proudly and currently, Vice-President of FIMA, with great pleasure welcoming all Invitees and Guests briefly elaborating various activities of TMCA (in English) well relevant to TMCA aims and objectives encouraging the attendees to enroll as members of TMCA and actively involve in social services.

Bro. Karim Irfan, President, Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (FIMA), our strongest supporter since its inception enjoying strong social relationship more than two decades with TMCA gladly felicitated our program as our special Guest.

Mr. Narayanan, First Secretary, Community Affairs, Embassy of India, attended on behalf of our Indian Ambassador, was the Chief Guest of our program and delivered his esteemed oratory felicitating this grand Iftar program appreciating TMCA’s activities to community welfare at large.IFL Kuwait job news

Part - 3

Memonto of Appreciation has been presented to Moulana Moulvi Abdul Azeez Baaqavi, special guest to the event by Mr. Narayanan in the presence of all guests and Executive Committee members for his meritorious services to public in general and our Ummah in particular.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Roumi, Kuwaiti guest, is felicitated by EC members in the presence of guests presenting shawl for his gracious presence.

TMCA Executive Committee had a great moment presenting memento to our Co-ordination Council (CC) members – Poolangal Rowther Gani, social activist, and Perambalur Bro. Alaudeen for their exceptional services and support to TMCA in the presence of TMCA Executive Committee and our Special Guests.  

Finally, ‘Vittukatti’ Bro. Sheik Mastan delivered Vote of thanks expressing his sincere gratitude to all guests, well-wishers and not but least, to all TMCA CC members who have contributed their might, executing arrangements with invocation by himself.  

Iftar Banquet and Dinner were served to everyone and this program was once again a most professional and memorable one and ALL left the venue with fond remembrance and with prayers for TMCA to achieve more and more heights and serve diligently, in-sha Allah.  


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