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Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) organized 6th Technical Seminar on 25th May 2019

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) organized 6th Technical Seminar on 25th May 2019

DSC 0494TEF, the one & only ISO 9001: 2015 certified non-profitable organization registered with Indian Embassy - Kuwait organized the 6th Technical Seminar of the year  on 25th May 2019.

Program Started with Tamil Thai Vazhthu , followed with Safety moment and sharing of Kural (Sacred Verses) from the sacred Book of Tamils “Thirukkural”

TEF-2019 Joint Sec IT Mr. Muthu Chidambaram welcomed the TEFians & the Speakers to the                   6th Technical seminar of the year 2019. Also, explained about the importance of Continuous Professional Development in individual’s career and TEF’s commitment to add value to TEF members. Details  of the forthcoming flagship events of TEF; 10th conference, 3rd Engineering Excellence Awards, 1st Operational Excellence Awards, which are scheduled on 7th November 2019 @ Radisson Blu, Kuwait were shared.

During the 6th Technical seminar, three sessions were conducted from 6.45 PM to 9.15 PM; first session was handled by Mr. Ashok Garlapati, the second session was handled by Mr. K.Sabapathi and the third session was handled by Healer S. Ganesh.

DSC 0533Engr. Rama Subramanian introduced the 1st speaker, Mr. Ashok Garlapati CSP, CFIOSH, QEP, HSE Consultant, HSE D&T, KOC.   In the 1st session, Mr. Ashok conducted an awareness session & shared his vast experience on the topic “Career Development through Skills Enhancement:  An Opportunity for Engineers through HSE Certifications”.  The session gave details about various certification programs, which adds value to Engineers. The session was very interesting to the audience and the Q&A session was highly interactive.

As a token of appreciation, memento was given to the speaker Mr. Ashok Garlapati CSP, CFIOSH, QEP, HSE Consultant, HSE D&T, KOC.

Engr. Kishore  introduced the speaker of the second session.  Mr. K. Sabapathi, Senior Specialist, MAA Ref., KNPC. He conducted a lively session on the topic “Oil & Gas Industry: Past, Present & Future”.  Participants were enriched with the present and future of Oil & Gas industry. The session was highly interactive and useful to all the participants. During the session, the anxiety of the participants about the future projects, Electrical Cars & Renewable Energy impacts on the Oil & Gas Industry were clarified by the presenter.

As a token of appreciation, the speaker Mr. Sabapathi was felicitated with Memento.

During the 3rd Session, Healer S. Ganesh. MD, gave an introduction on “Stress management”. The session was lively, highly interactive and useful to all. As a token of appreciation, the speaker was felicitated with Memento.

Vote of thanks was shared by Engr. Gem Prasanna, JS, TEF-2019.

Anchoring was done by Engr. Vadivelan & Engr. Manikandan and the program came to an end with a Delicious Dinner.

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