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Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s scintillating evening

Writers’ Forum Kuwait

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The Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s first meeting after the election of the new committee was by all means a scintillating evening as the poets and writers shared their vivid and enlightening thoughts on different subjects like love, beauty, betrayal, being perspicacious, etc.
The meeting was held on Friday 14th June, at the residence of Hindi and English poetess Ms Madhulika Mohta. The meeting started with the address of the new General Secretary Ms Nazneen Ali who welcomed the members and assured them that the new executive committee under the guidance of their President Mrs Maimuna Chougle is committed to work dedicatedly towards the betterment of the forum. She also urged the members for their continued support and co-operation. She then invited Mr Sabir Omer, a renowned Urdu poet, as the President of the evening and Mr Sunil Sonsi, a senior member, as the Chief Guest of the evening.
At the onset, the members discussed the progress of the upcoming planned book Navaratna 2, a unique book of prose and poetry by writers and poets of different Indian languages.
The meeting continued into its first session where Ms Radhika Bhardwaj read a short story in Hindi titled Peepal ka Pedh (Peepal Tree) – a story of a childhood incident that turned into a memory of the bonding and affection that a father and daughter share. The second session comprised of poets reciting their poems in different Indian languages. Aamir Diwan, Mrs Chhaya Athavle, Ms Nazneen Ali, Umesh Sharma, Ms Madhulika Mohta, Ms Priyanka Baranwal and Shabih Ahmed in Hindi, Ameeruddin Ameer in Kannada, Ibrahim S. Qasid and S. Qamar Minto in urdu. Other member Mohan Singh ( a literati) recited his daughter Parminder Kaur’s poem in English while Ravin Singh and Rajiv Athavle sang prominent Urdu ghazals to sheer melody. The meeting was attended by a guest poet Vikas Arora who recited his poetry in Hindi. At the end the Chief Guest of the evening, Sunil Sonsi, recited his poetry on Women empowerment and mentioned the same in his Chief Guest remarks that the Writers’ Forum is also seeing women empowerment with ladies coming forward and taking additional responsibilities. He also sent his Good wishes for Eid and mentioned that the evening was unique with each poet reciting a refreshing and vivacious piece of literature, the memories of which will last in their minds for days to come. Mr Sabir Omer recited his Urdu ghazal and nazm. In his Presidential comments he mentioned that writing is a learning process and each member needs to read and listen more and more and expose themselves to literature to escalate their writing skills.
Other members present at the evening were Mrs Maimuna Chougle, Ali Chougle and Biswa Ranjan.
At the end the members relished the dishes prepared by Madhulika Mohta and other special Eid dishes.
The meeting concluded with everyone thanking the host Ms Madhulika for her hospitality. 

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