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5th International Yoga Day celebrations by Dr. Prabha Krishna

International Yoga Day

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International Yoga Day is celebrated on the 21st of June each year ever since its inception from 2015, is a great effort to emphasize the importance of inculcating this ancient Indian art in our lives.
It was earlier proposed by our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for this day at the United Nations in 2014. It was started with the idea of a spreading awareness about Yoga and benefits on the lives of human beings.IFL Kuwait job news
In the past 4 years, the International Day for Yoga was celebrated around the world in different ways. In this 5th year of celebration, in Kuwait Dr. Prabha Krishna (Yoga Blend –Fitness with Urvi) celebrated the event under the theme “ Sunrise Yogathan 2019 for a Healthy Heart”, with yoga enthusiasts of various nationalities by performing 100 Yoga postures in 60 minutes at early morning at 5.00 am at the “ Goal Salmiya Ground”. The program was well organized by Urvi (Fitness with Urvi) and team. IFL Kuwait job news

Besides practicing 100 postures, awareness on breath and its role on heart health were emphasized to the participants along with breathing exercises. Yogathon members were also given idea on how to energize our heart by activating the energy centers through Reflexology. The importance of Hridaya Mudra (Hand Gestures) were taught to the participants.

Dr. Prabha Krishna provided the participants with handful information on Yoga for a “Healthy heart”. The concept of “Sunrise Yogathon 2019, is to inculcate the idea among the participants that healthy choice should be a part of everyday life & age is not a factor to begin Yoga practice.


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