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Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s captivating meeting




Mrs. Maimuna Chougle



Mrs. Chhaya Athavle


Gen. Secretary

Mrs. Nazneen Ali


Jt. Secretary

Mr. Ravin Singh



Publication / IT Sec.

Mrs. Madhulika Mohta



Mr. Aamir Diwan


Executive Members:

Mrs. Radhika Bhardwaj

Mr. Sayeed Nazar

Mr. Tushar Mishra

Mr.Shakeel  Jamshedpuri

Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s captivating meeting

writers forum The Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s monthly meeting was held on 12th July 2019 at the residence of the General Secretary of the Forum, Ms Nazneen Ali. Despite peak travel season, the meeting witnessed a thumping attendance reflecting the continued commitment of its members.

At the onset Ms Nazneen Ali welcomed all the members, including Mr Umesh Sharma who was formally attending his last meeting, as he is about to leave Kuwait for good. As a gratitude for all his endeavors for the Forum, he was requested to Preside over the meeting. Mr Aamir Diwan, a seasoned Hindi poet, was invited to be the Chief Guest of the evening. 

writers forum The meeting started with its first session where Sunil Sonsi, read his article in Hindi, on Organ Donation. The article was highly appreciated due to the humanitarian content touching an emotional and sensitive issue. The meeting continued in its second session, where poets captivated each other’s attention by their creative recitations addressing some deep and thought provoking subjects like friendship, water conservation, eve teasing, self-actualization, experience, plea of child with special needs, etc. Another highlight of the evening was a detailed discussion of Jaun Elia’s Urdu poetry and writing skills by Sabir Omer.

The poets who recited their poetry were Ms Chhaya Athavale, Ms Nazneen Ali, Ms Kalpana Shah, , Ameeruddin Ameer, Shabih Ahmed (Hindi), S. Qamar Minto,  Sabir Omer, writers forum Shakeel Jamshedpuri (Urdu), Rajiv Athavale (Marathi) and Ms Vijaya Nair ( English). Writers’ Forum’s member Sabiha Bilgrami, patron and well-wishers Ali Chougle and Ms Matheen were also present during the meeting.

Aamir Diwan, the Chief Guest of the evening, then recited his ghazal on experience and continued with the subject in his remarks on the evening. He mentioned that each meeting of the Forum is a unique experience in itself and listening to such great and vivid poetry helps to bring out the best in each poet. President of the meeting, Umesh Sharma, then recited his Hindi Poem. In his Presidential remarks, he acknowledged the honor that the Forum had given him. He further added that each of the poetry and subjects mesmerize the audience and promotes them to the next level of thinking.  He wished that the Forum continues to grow as a platform of multilingual poets and writers.

The meeting culminated with Nazneen Ali thanking everyone for their presence while

the members thanked her for her warm hospitality.



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