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History Repeats at Billava Chavadi 2019



History Repeats at Billava Chavadi 2019

Billava Chavadi 2019History repeated when Billava Sangha Kuwait (BSK) held yet another successful annual event Billava Chavadi 2019, on 20th September 2019 at Cambridge School Auditorium, Mangaf, Kuwait. The main attraction of the event was Tulu Historical Drama ‘Sathyoda Bolpu’ which is based on the story of twin warriors Koti Chennaya.  

The program commenced with Kuwait and Indian National Anthems followed by a prayer rendered by Shruthi Hemant and Guru Pooja. Billava Chavadi 2019Honorable guests Mr. Ranveer Bharti, Second Secretary, Embassy of India & Mr. Sugunan K., President of Saradhi Kuwait graced the event with their presence. Cultural program was inaugurated with the lighting of lamp and release of souvenir “Billava Bolpu” by the President of BSK Mr. Krishna Poojary, Guests and BSK Management Committee Members.

The President Mr. Krishna Poojary then welcomed the audience with a humble speech which was followed by a welcome dance by Kumari Shine Venugopal. 

Billava Chavadi 2019The sponsors of the event were felicitated, Gold – BEC Exchange and Silver sponsors - Khalil Bahman & Partners, Mughal Tandoori Restaurant, iBlack Electronics and Montrial International General Trading & Contracting Company followed by the felicitation to the Guest Artists Mr. Karthik Kumar Kadekar, Mr. Praveen Kotian Kodakkal and Mr. Sachith Poojary Nandalike. A token of appreciation was given to Mr. Wilson D’souza, former President of Tulu Koota Kuwait, Mr. Raj Bhandari & Mr. Pushparaj for their support in one of the welfare service rendered by BSK.  

Billava Chavadi 2019The cultural program began with the melodious voice of talented singer, Mr. Sachith Poojary Nandalike who mesmerized the audience with his Tulu and Kannada songs. The audience were also entertained by the folk dance performances by BSK members and their children on stage. All the folk dance forms were based on “Tulunadu Cultural” theme including Tulunadu dance, Kambula dance, Yakshagana, Kolaata and Pili vesha (Tiger dance). All the dances were appreciated by the audience with loud applause.

Mrs. Sushma Manoj, Vice President of BSK, briefed the audience about the Scholarship Program and other welfare programs undertaken by BSK in the year Billava Chavadi 20192019. Mr. Raghav Poojary, General Secretary of BSK rendered the Vote of Thanks. 

The artists of Billava Sangha Kuwait displayed the much awaited Tulu Historical Drama ‘Sathyoda Bolpu’ is based on the life of legendary twin warriors of Tulunadu “Koti-Chennaya”. The talent of BSK members were utilized in every part of the drama including dialogues, direction, lighting, backdrops/stage settings, preparation of props and on-stage performance. The dialogues were written by Mr. Mahesh Poojary Polali & Mrs. Jayalaxmi Vishwas, story based on Folklore and directed by Mr. Mahesh Poojary Polali. The guest artist Mr. Karthik Kumar Billava Chavadi 2019Kadekar gave life and soul to the drama by his music and Mr. Dheeraj Salian provided the light effects. The casting included the most talented guest artist from India Mr. Praveen Kotian Kodakkal along with the other artists of Billava Sangha Kuwait, Mr. Mahesh Poojary Polali, Mr. Gautham Suvarna, Mr. Rajesh Kunder, Mr.K rishna Poojary, Mr.  Prashanth Poojary, Mr. Balakrishna Poojary, Mr. Prabhakar Bola, Mr. Anish Kotian, Mr. Sujith Kotian, Mr. Ghanshyam Attavar, Mr. Gireesh Kumar, Mr. Sujeet Amin, Mrs. Billava Chavadi 2019Yashodha Krishna, Mrs. Kavya Prashanth, Mr. Hrishikesh Kotian, Mr. Sukumar Karkera, Mr. Rakesh Poojary, Ms. Vanitha, Kumari Krathi K Poojary, Master Tanush Poojary and Master Tejas Poojary with support artists Mr. Manoj Karkala, Mr. Amith Salian, Master Arjun S Poojary, Mrs. Tina Govind, Kumari Arrushi Kumar, Mrs. Sukanya Poojary and Mrs. Kavita Harish.

The natural looking backdrops, creative props, effective lighting and clinical performance by the artists took the audience back to the era of “Koti-Chennaya”. The backdrops and the stage settings were effectively handled by Amith Sanil, Amarnath Suvarna and team. The creativity behind the Props used was of Prashanth Poojary & Krishna Poojary. The memorable moments were captured by Sandeep Kumar Attavar by his Photography skills. While the Souvenir & Artwork were by Manoj Kumar, the widely admired reception was arranged by Amarnath Suvarna, Amith Sanil, Soumya Suvarna and Team.

The event was gracefully hosted by Mr. Mithun Vishwanath and Mrs. Rashmi Raj. The program ended with a tasty dinner.

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