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Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meet



Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meet

Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meetIt was at the enclave of Hindi poetess Ms Radhika Bhardwaj, that the poets and writers of different Indian languages gathered for the Writers’ Forum’s monthly meet on Friday, 27th September 2019. The meeting was conducted by the Joint Secretary of the Forum, Ravin Singh, a Hindi and English poet, writer and Singer. 

At the inception, Ravin Singh welcomed all the members and, on behalf of the Forum, congratulated their President and Urdu critic, Mrs Maimuna Chougle who was recently conferred the Maharashtra State Sahitya Urdu Academy Award for her book Mata-e-Fikr. He then, invited Mrs Maimuna to preside over the day’s proceedings while S.Qamar Minto, a veteran Urdu poet was requested to be the Chief Guest of the Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meetevening. Ravin Singh then introduced to all, guest member Jitendra Choudhary, a famous Hindi Blogger with over 1500 articles to his credit.

The meeting incepted with the speech of Malayam Poet Vibheesh Thikkodi who urged the members to engage in some social activities to serve Humanity and work for the welfare of their motherland India as well as workplace Kuwait. The meeting then continued in its first section where the members were mesmerized by touching stories – “Maa ek Khushbu (Mother a fragrance)” by Mrs Maimuna Chougle in urdu and “Do saheliyan (Two Friends)”   by Ravin Singh in Hindi. The members then enjoyed Jitendra Choudhary’s article - Social Media – a disease. 

Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meetThe second session of the meeting maintained the Multilingual spirit of the Forum with different Indian languages, in addition to a broad horizon of thoughtfulness of poets touching subjects ranging from relationship, love, friendship, and painting to complex subjects like reservation in context of India and agony of a bereft child. The members who presented their poetry were Ameeruddin Ameer, Aamir Diwan, Ms Priyanka Bharanwal, Ms Radhika Bhardwaj in Hindi, Ms Madhulika Mohta and Ms Parul Chaturwedi in English, Ibrahim Qasid, Sabir Omar, Saeed Nazar Kadpawi and Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s riveting monthly meetShabih Ahmed in Urdu and Tushar Mishra in Oriya. 

In his remarks, the Chief Guest, S.Qamar Minto appreciated each member’s dedication to the Forum and the beauty of their creation on touching varying subjects and addressing them with complete justice. He then recited his Urdu poetry. The session culminated with the Presidential remarks of Mrs Maimuna Chougle where she thanked all the members for the affection and support that they have always shown towards her and the Forum. She admired each poet and writer’s work and expressed her pleasure to see some new poets grooming to become seasoned poets of tomorrow.

The patron and well-wishers of the Forum Ali Chougle and Sunil Sonsi’s presence added to the charisma of the evening.

The meeting concluded with Ravin Singh’s vote of thanks to all for their presence and to the Host Ms Radhika for her exclusive hospitality.



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