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The Writers’ Forum, Kuwait held its monthly meeting on 18th October ’19 at the Salmiya residence of Aamir Diwan.

This was a special meeting commemorating the great Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi ( a.k.a Abdul Hayee, 1921-1980). All the members and guests present welcomed this opportunity to remember a charismatic and prolific poet on the occasion of his death anniversary.

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Ms. Maimoona Ali Chougle; President of the Forum presided over the evening and Dr. (Ms.) Radhika Bhardwaj was the special guest on this occasion. The proceedings were started off with a brief background on Sahir Ludhianvi presented by co-anchor for the evening Sayeed Nazar followed by a very comprehensive and well researched article on the life, passions, poetic style, literary gems and great songs of Sahir presented by Shakeel Jamshedpuri. Dr. (Ms.) Radhika presented her views on Sahir’s multi faceted poetry including devotional and comic songs that he made immortal. Ms. Maimoona shared her insights on this great poet as presented in her first book. She also shared anecdotes from her first hand presence at many gatherings in India where the legend had been present.

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Sunil Sonsi took everyone down unsung bylanes of Sahir Ludhianvi’s greatest songs through exploring the lesser known verses from his lyrics. Aamir Diwan recited a nazm from Sahir’s prolific verse while Ms. Priyanka Baranwal regaled everyone with her melodious rendition of some of the most memorable songs penned by the great poet.

Co-anchor Ms. Madhulika weaved a web from Sahir’s famous couplets and lyrics to introduce the members. She also focused some light on Sahir’s positive attitude towards life and his championing of the cause of women’s emancipation. There was lively discussion on Sahir’s use of nature in his poetry and everyone shared stories and opinions on Sahir’s personality, his romanticism, his devotion to his mother and his early life experiences and anecdotal stories.

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Ali Chougle congratulated all the members for putting together a wonderful evening. Guests present: Ajay Sharma, Ms. Nupur Sharma, Faheem, and Ms. Mateen expressed their gratitude at having been part of an evening of homage to a great literary legend. Thereafter, Ms. Mainoona Ali Chougle summed up by expressing happiness at a well wrought evening of Sahir’s life and times while also expressing her wish that some of the other members who missed the evening could have also been present. Special guest, Dr. (Ms.) Radhika expressed her gratitude for arranging an evening which brought everyone closer to such a literary doyen and hoped that there would be more such events in the future.

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The anchors, then thanked everyone and ended the evening with an exhortation to remember this great poet for his positive attitude and will to live despite all difficulties. All the members conveyed their thanks to Mrs. & Mr.  Aamir Diwan for their warm hospitality.

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