Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SME



Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SME

*It is inspiring to see women entrepreneurs from Kerala thrive in Kuwait despite many challenges they face: Eleanor Burton* 

Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SMEEleanor Burton, Training and Relationship Manager at en.v, Kuwait, in her inaugural speech said that it is very inspiring to see many women entrepreneurs from Kerala become successful in small and medium term businesses in Kuwait, even though they face many challenges in their lives.   She was inaugurating the workshop on “women entrepreneurship” conducted by Welfare Kerala Kuwait at Ideal auditorium Farwaniya, in connection with the 6th anniversary celebration of Welfare Kerala Kuwait. “Though I am not an entrepreneur, I am delighted and impressed to see lots of very intelligent and Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SMEhardworking women entrepreneurs assembled here, who came from Kerala to live here in Kuwait and at the same time became successful women entrepreneurs. Kerala is well known for its excellent education system and for supporting women’s educational achievements. This, combined with a culture that embraces and empowers Keralites of all cultures, faiths and genders to work together to succeed, puts these hardworking women in the room in a good position to succeed in their entrepreneurial goals. I am proud to be associated with socially committed Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SMEorganizations like Welfare Kerala Kuwait”, she added.

“Women take on so many unique and difficult roles beyond those of their professions. Women are expected to perform all the tasks of parenting, eldercare and the many demands of managing a household. Women have to be experts at organizing time and resources and multitasking-most women are performing about 10 different jobs at a time, so women are prepared for the Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SMEdemands required of entrepreneurs. I am delighted to see that the men in the community are here to support the women in the community and learn about their challenges and successes.”  She continued, quoting examples from her experience as a capacity-builder for local civil society which includes both program and training design and implementation, strategic planning, and facilitating coalition and Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Workshop on SMEcommunity building activities in Kuwait and Turkey.

Layik Ahmed in his motivating key note address quoting various examples, explained the various challenges and hardships the women Entrepreneurs face  in this segment and how their hard work and steadfastness brought success to them and how many of them became owners of world famous brands.

Representing entrepreneurs from Kerala who were successful in various fields in Kuwait,  Shelmi Riyaz, Shaheena Jesni, Gayathri, Sumayya Nisa Ebrahim and Fathima Saad explained their field of expertise and their success stories, which was highly inspiring and motivated the audience. 

Central Committee Secretary Smitha Surendran Presided over the function and Women’s welfare convener Ayisha PTP proposed the vote of thanks.


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