Anjali School of Dance Natyanjali 2019 season 3

The dusk of 18th October 2019 dawned with divine music, tinkle of anklets, vibrant colours and excited faces when Anjali School of dance conducted the Natyanjali 2019 Season 3, showcasing the talents of six children in their Barathanatyam Arangetram, Kuchupudi Rangapravesham and Mohiniattam Arangettam at Cambridge English School, Mangaf. 

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Anjali School of Dance in Kuwait is the perfect example of perfection and devotion in the field of classical dance under the headship of Guru Smt. Sindhu Madhuraj. Being a dedicated and ardent practitioner of classical dances, she became a phenomenal person in the scenario of Indian classical dance forms – Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam. 

pic 1 1The Evening’s program started at 6.00pm with salutation to the almighty, sung so melodiously by Ms. Anjali Renjith invoking the divine. The very talented Dr. Athira Ajith Kumar who is also an ex-student of Anjali School of Dance compered the event with flair and gait. The Chief Guest for the program was Mr. G. Muthukumar, Fire Engineer, KIPIC who inaugurated the event by traditional lighting of lamp followed by his very motivational speech.

The program showcased the 3 dance forms namely; Barathanatyam performed by Ms. Asha Anil, Ms. Gouri Parvathi and Ms. Neha Shery, Kuchupudi Ms. Laksha Saajal and Ms. Varsha Arumugam and Mohiniattam by Ms. Thanushri Madhuraj. The students transformed into the characters they depicted, through their Nritha and Abhinaya.  The leaps and twirls packed in every sequence were performed with effortless ease and were received with rounds of spontaneous applause. The bhava exhibited was a feast for the eyes. The thundering ovation after each performance was a spontaneous reaction by the appreciative audience who were mesmerized by the spiritually elevating experience.

pic 2Their involvement in dance was shown in their integrity of line, their firmly grounded plasticity allowing them to maintain control even when stretched, lunged or twisted out from their axis, shaping refined gestures, facial expressions and mudras of their fingers, with an amalgamation of energy and grace. Breathing new life into a centuries-old forms of South Indian classical dances, evoked a spirituality and emotion that comes through rhythm, shape and precision, which ultimately transfixed the audience.

The gathered spectators showered their blessings in rapt attention. Wishes to the industrious student’s efforts and flair that will persuade them to set forth to touch the sky. Appreciate all parents of the performers for the cultural upbringing. Thanks to the Guru for her vigorous attempt and laud all performers for their dedication and determination.

In the end of the program Guru Smt. Sindu Madhuraj gave mementos to the students and all the individuals who supported in putting up the evening’s event. The Chief Guest Mr. Muthukumar showed his appreciation for the students by giving a gift to each of the students and the Guru. The program ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the performing students. Delicious dinner, food packs to carry home was served by Vel’s Restaurant to all the guests.

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