IMA organized ‘Karnataka Rajotsava’

Indian Muslim Association- Kuwait Organizes Public Program on Health and Happiness

Karnataka Rajotsava 


“To be realistic, bold and ready to quit the comfort zone is very important in attaining happiness in Life”, Sharfuddin Sufi, an acclaimed motivational speaker, said addressing to a public gathering on Thursday, Nov 28th 2019.
Karnataka Muslim Welfare Association (KMWA), a subsidiary of Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait , organized a public program on two important topics related to Health and happiness on account of ‘Karnataka Rajotsava’ at Indian Community School Auditorium – Salmiya, Kuwait.

Speaking on the topic “Stress and lifestyle diseases - Preventive Measures” Guest of Honor Dr. Surendra Nayak Kapadi, President of Indian Doctors Forum, highlighted the importance of regular exercise, balanced diet, positive attitude towards life and explained the ill effects of smoking and other bad habits. He also emphasized on the stress factor related to jobs, strained relationships, social media addition and suggested remedies to overcome such challenges.


Speaking on the 2nd topic “Hints for Happy and Healthy Life” Sharafuddin Soofi spoke on the importance of a happy & healthy life and demonstrated practical life examples and techniques to lead happy and healthy life. He presented several examples where people despite facing health and other challenges lead a successful life by converting their challenges into opportunities. He further explained that one must take care of mind, body and soul, the three important components of human life, without ignoring any one of them. He also highlighted that status of mind plays an important role in leading a happy and healthy life.

An online quiz was conducted which enthralled the audience as they participated in quiz through their smart phones. Dr. Mohan, Abdul Munaf and Ashraf Zain won the first, second and third prize respectively.

Abdul Naser Khan- President KMWA and Jafar Sadiq General Secretary IMA Kuwait were present on the stage. Fahimuddin Shareef convened the program which started with the recitation of few verses of Quran by Nisar Fahimuddin. KMWA conducts various programs to promote harmony, peace and understanding among expatriates of Karnataka in Kuwait.

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