Valedictory on YANG S2 challenge & New Year Celebrations

at FWU Yoga Blend, Mangaf– Dr. Prabha Krishna

FWU YOGA BLEND @ Mangaf branch had a fun-filled day celebrating the successful completion of the “YANG S2” challenge among their participants. YANG S2, an 40 days Yoga & Wellness program conducted by Dr. Prabha Krishna  to overcome all the lifestyle disorders, chronic and hereditary diseases, and to improve overall wellness of lifestyle and wellness challenges.It's an Exclusive event for Women at various ages, health conditions, and fitness levels.

YAng S2 2

The event hosted by FWU Yoga Blend, in “ Grand Udhayam” hall at Mangaf on Tuesday 24th of December to celebrate the successful completion of the challenge along with New year celebrations;

Members performed various cultural activities and showcased their talents on singing, dancing & poetry along with sharing the experiences and the benefits gained during the program;

Ms.Urvi Trehan, FWU joined and graced the occasion with her presence. Dr. Prabha Krishna made a veledictory speech to all its members and the event ended with cake cutting and snack distribution.

YAng S2 1


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