Mr.Arumugam & Mrs.Chitra Arumugam Farewell party

On a FINE Evening- with Mr.Arumugam

-By Vanniyasamy



Indians in Kuwait

Mr.Arumugam & Mrs.Chitra Arumugam  Farewell party  was conducted  in a Grand & Memorable manner on 5th Jan 2020 at Hotel saravana bhavan,  Fahaheel.

 After his long sincere & dedicated service to KNPC Arumugam is all  ready to settle in our mother land. He  was very helpful to friends and to our community through Indian Frontliners service organisation.

The party went very well as many friends shared their past &present experiences with the couple. Humorous punches by the family gathering made everyone to feel  light & happy.

Mrs.Chitra Arumugam during her stay in Kuwait, has contributed a lot through kuwait tamil sangam and volunteerly  teaching Tamil to children. Because of her service, many students are able to write in Tamil. Also for her contribution in divine groups & activities and for her contribution to KTS, she will be remembered for  ever.

The party was coordinated  by Mr.Murugan, Mr.Mariappan & Ncm. Thanks for initiative to honour this senior person  who’s service is a role model for our community.

At the end of the programme,  the couple Exchanged  garlands as requested by the gatherings,amidst a sound  applause by friends. A grand dinner was served by HSB & everyone enjoyed.

We wish them all a very happy and healthy retired life in Chennai.

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