BDK Blood Donation Camp on Kuwait's National Day

BDK Organized a Blood Donation Camp on Kuwait's National Day.

IFL Indians in Kuwait

Blood Donors Kerala Kuwait Chapter organized a voluntary blood donation camp at Jabriya Central Blood Bank on February 26 as part of Kuwait National / Liberation Day celebrations. Despite the worrisome situation of confirming cases of COVID-19 in the country, many expatriates came to show their solidarity to their second Home by donating blood and platelets.

IFL Indians in Kuwait

The blood donation campaign was organized by following and under the strict guidance of the Kuwait Health Ministry to address the shortage of blood donors that may result from coronavirus cases being confirmed in Kuwait. It was also aimed at educating the masses that blood donation is a safe process and will be carried out after strict medical examinations only.

In advance of the camp, organizers distributed Surgical Face Masks to all those who attended the camp to ensure their safety. All the participants were also screened by a thermal scanning camera installed at the Main Gate; prior to entering the Blood Bank.
BDK Kuwait chapter appreciated all blood donors and volunteers who have come forward to donate blood in the face of adverse conditions.

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