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Kala (Art) Kuwait Organized Farewell

Kala (Art) Kuwait Organized Farewell

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Kala (Art) Kuwait gave a warm farewell to their former President, current Executive Committee Member and Public Relations Convener Mr. Samkutty Thomas and former treasurer and member of the executive committee Mr. Ayyappan Mohanan. The ceremony was organized in a simple and limited manner in a Covid-19 context. President Mukesh V. P., General Secretary Siva Kumar and Treasurer Hassan Koya handed over the mementos.

Mr. Samkutty Thomas is well known among the Kuwaiti Malayalees for his selfless social work during his twenty seven long life in exile. Many years he was the General Convener of the 'Niram' event, which became the largest children’s day drawing competition in the Gulf by representation. He worked in Ministry of Health, Kuwait since 1993.

Ayyappan Mohanan is returning home after 27 years of his service in Ministry of Health, Kuwait. He was active in charitable activities and was an active participant in the mother tongue Malayalam project as well as “Niram” program.

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