Farewell conducted by Tamil Friends 

NC Mohandoss, a writer who worked for KNPC Company in Kuwait for 27 years, founded the Indian Frontliners, an all-India organization in 1997, with service-minded friends. The IFL has done many services in India and in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. IFL has contributed and stood up during testing times like Kargil war and several other disasters. During the current COVID pandemic also, IFL has done a significant social service in Kuwait and India. 


Now retired, our friend, who will be returning to our motherland at the end of February, was felicitated in a small gathering on behalf of few close-knit Tamil friends. 

Everyone in attendance congratulated, praised and shared their memories and the many good things they did with N.C.M. This event was an emotionally moving and an unforgettable experience. 

N.C.M and his wife Mrs. Arulmozhi Mohandoss were honoured with a silk shawl and presented with a memento.  Mr. Murugan who was retired from KNPC last month also honoured in this event.  

The event was hosted by Dr. Devipriya. The ceremony was arranged by Mr. S. Chellathurai, Mr. A. Mariappan & Mr. Vanniyasamy. The show concluded with a sumptuous dinner. 



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IFL 2021 Republic Day Special