A chance encounter

                                                 -  Dr.Devipriya.

Over the years, meeting VIPs, although infrequent, is definitely not a novel experience to me.

Indian Frontliners Founder – my dear friend Writer NC.Mohandoss with family went to bid adieu to H.E. Shri. Sibi George, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait. I got the opportunity to accompany them upon NCM’s  invitation.


The whole Indian community including Mr.NCM has only admirable words for His Excellency. Everybody praised his tireless efforts and services to the community ever since he assumed duty. I wasn't exactly prepared as to how to interact with a man of his stature.

Upon entering the embassy premises, the thematic library at the entrance that was inaugurated by the ambassador caught my attention with its enthralling collection of books.

2 Amb Fmly

As we walked out of the elevator on the second floor of the building, I sensed  the initial sense of flutter that precedes any exciting event. Although I have read more about  detailed His excellency's experience and expertise in diplomatic service, a sudden sense of wonder took over me and the imminent  interaction with the diplomat tingled my nerves.

When we were ushered into his office, I was pleasantly surprised by his warm and friendly nature. My anxiety was put to rest and the brief interaction that ensued was a sweet memorable one. Mrs & Mr.Mohandoss  conveyed their gratitude to the ambassador for felicitating them with a farewell at the Indian Embassy.


When asked about his experience in Kuwait  Shri. George said "At a time when the whole world is facing a tough crisis, the Indian diaspora in Kuwait is teaming up to help the needy. Also, the  Kuwaiti officials hold the Indian community in high esteem and how they speak volumes about the hard work and work ethics of Indians".

H.E describes his wife Joyce and three children as his pillars of support. He recollected the tough situations that his kids had to face due to the ever-shifting nature of his job. On the contrary, he acknowledged the global exposure that his kids have had. Both his daughters are pursuing higher studies in the U.S and Canada. His son is currently attending the American school.

In the course of our conversation, his simplicity and openness impressed me. He enquired me regarding my family, job and my stay in Kuwait. At that instant, I realised how effortlessly he was connecting to an ordinary person such as me. I would describe him as a "People's Ambassador".

NCM  honoured him with a silk shawl which the ambassador gracefully acknowledged.

Amb honour

Later, the ambassador mentioned about his meet with the Health minister earlier in the morning and also about a web meeting that he was to attend after our meeting. Despite his busy schedule, he radiated relaxed  vibes.

When asked about how he handles stress, he replied with a question, "What do you mean?". He continued, "See, if one enjoys what one does, there is no question of stress or de-stress."

This, to me, was the moment of truth and gave me an insight into his personality. The sense of hope and optimism that emanates from him is remarkable. We thanked him and departed after clicking a few memorable pictures  together.

I feel so grateful for this chance encounter and for the opportunity given by NCM to meet such a charming person  and wish him only the best in his tenure.


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