NBTC Kuwait - National Day Blood Drive

On Kuwait National Day, NBTC Kuwait and BDK jointly organized a blood donation camp.


On the Occasion of Celebration of Kuwait National Day, NBTC Group Kuwait Organized a Blood Donation Campaign at the Cooperative Blood Transfusion Centre Adan - Kuwait, in association with Blood Donors Kerala Kuwait Chapter and Central Blood Bank on Thursday, 25th February 2021.

The Blood Donation Campaign was inaugurated by Mr. Benson Abraham, Deputy General Manager, who was the chief guest for the function. In his inaugural speech, he emphasized that, “NBTC is well known for its humanitarian activities and as a responsible company, we are committed to continue to contribute to society with such charitable initiatives. He praised the initiative and joint efforts of Blood Donors Kerala Kuwait Chapter and Central Blood Bank to organize such a mass event.

Mr. Reghubal Thengumthundil, President - Blood Donors Kerala Kuwait Chapter, welcomed the guests, dignitaries & Blood Donors.

The campaign, under the theme “Help Save A Life, Give the Gift of Blood” is also part of NBTC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and local efforts to support National Entities, especially Medical Crews, as well as Community Members.

More than 150 people joined the blood donation campaign and donated blood. The campaign was conducted in strict compliance with the COVID-19 protocol. This Campaign was organized at the special request of the Central Blood Bank, in the wake of the pertaining blood shortage in the facilities.

NBTC also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the donors in recognition of their support for the social cause.

Rinesh TV, Ajeesh Baby, Ebin Cherian, Nandagopal, Joji, Joby, Liny Jayan, Shajan, Charles, Ajith, Jolly, Nobin and Freddy led the camp.

Those interested in participating in blood donation activities such as blood donation camps and awareness classes in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank and need free blood donor services can contact BDK Kuwait helpline numbers 6999 7588/5151 0076.

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