BMCAAK bid Farewell to Mr. Shaney Cherian



Shaney Sendoff

Bishop Moore College Alumni Association Kuwait gave a grandeur farewell to Mr. Shaney Cherian & family, who is leaving Kuwait for good.  They have been in Kuwait for the past 26 years and have been very active in the Bishop Moore College Alumni  Association.  The meeting started with the welcome speech by Parimanam Manoj (President).  

Sam Pynummood (Patron) gave a briefing about her & their involvement in the Group. Mr. Babuji Bethery (Advisory Board Member), Mr. John M.V. (Advisory Board Member), Mr. Sangeeth Pampala (Treasurer), Mrs. Pournami Sangeeth (Jt. Secretary), Mr. Jerry John Koshy, Mr. Francis Cherukol, Mr. Shyam Sivan, Mr. Jobin Babu, Mr. Satheesh C. Pillai & Mr. Mathew Karoor made felicitation speeches during the meeting. The meeting presented her with a memento for their valuable service to BMCAAK during their tenure.  

He hails from Thiruvalla. In the reply speech, he expressed the valuable support received from BMCAAK & its members. He  thanked all members and shared their experiences in Kuwait with the members.


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