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IMA event news

IMA event news

pictureOn April 30th, Indian Muslim Association- Youth Wing Organized Online program with title “Stay Healthy and Prepare Yourself for Jannah”, which focused on two aspects namely value of life and health benefits of fasting. The Online program was open to public and a large attendance from different regions of Kuwait was observed to be there in it.

 Guest speaker from India Mr.Wajid Ali khan, Prominent Lecturer at Maulana Azad College ,Aurangabad India  addressed the gathering  with an efficacious speech on “Value your life before it’s too late”  which elevated the sense of importance of existing life ,here after life  and  motivated the attendees to exert themselves to understand the real purpose of life.

The key note speaker of the event Dr.Nazim Parkar ,General Surgeon at Ahmadi Hospital ,KOC /General Secretary at Indian Doctors Forum spoke about various health benefits of fasting during Ramadan such as detoxification , increase in immunity, fat burning  to mention a few.

At the last program attendees had the opportunity to interact with Dr.Nazim Parkar and get their questions answered cleared related to Covid -19 such as preventive measures , vaccination.

Program was concluded by thanking keynote, indian doctors forum for their support


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