The Grand Award Ceremony by KISSO

The Grand Award Ceremony by KISSO

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On 24/06/2021  Thursday night the grand award ceremony was held  at the beach in Kuwait.  President of the KISSO organization.  Admin of the Kuwait Beach Friends Group,and famileir on the social Media * Tanipadi Sheikh Ismail *.

 Award from Frieds.

 * Sadic Batcha *

 * Velldon Mohamed Ghouse *

 * Nasser Salahuddin *

 * Mathinulla*

 * Sirajuddin *

  On their behalf the * Benny King * was presented with a beautiful award for his community service.

   Many people attended the event and made it special.

  * Ayya Sellapperumal on behalf of Periyar Library * gave their greetings.

 *  Na. Thiagarajan on behalf of Kuwait DMK * gave their greetings.

 * Mettupatti Raja Mohammed * on behalf of the Kuwaiti Thalapathy Peravai gave his greetings

  * President Jabarullah Khan * on behalf of the Kuwait TMMK delivered the greetings.

  * Social activist P. Seker * 

 * Social activist Aranthai Ganesan also delivered the Greetings.

  * On behalf of the Kuwait Tamil Makkal Mandram, its founder Gangai Gopal * gave his greetings

  * Kuwait MJK  Secretary Needur Nabees * gave their greetings

  *Syed Imam Jaber *, Chairman, on behalf of the Kuwait Ottunar Sevai Maiyam, gave his greetings.

  Mugavai Abbas, the founder of the Thinnai Thozhargal Prachara Maiyam. greeted them.

  * Secretary Noushat Ali * on behalf of Koonimedu Islamic Trust (KIT) delivered the speech. 

  * Moulavi Muhammad Ali Rashadi Founder of Darussabah Madrasa * delivered his greetings

 At the beginning of the event was a group of friends * Velldon Mohamed Ghouse. Sadic Batcha.  Nasser Salahuddin , Mathinullah, Sirajuddin alltogather gave respected Award to Thanippadi Sheik Ismail. enjoyed the award in appreciation of their community service.

 The event was attended by * Tamil Nesan Amanullah * Mandalam Mathivanan * * Entrepreneur Khan * * shaukath *, *  Noorbai *, * Salmia Rizwan *.  And many others attended  with their family.

  Finally, on behalf of the * KIT organization, Sadiq * presented gifts to all who attended.

  Sheikh Ismail *, the self-proclaimed leader of the event, with his remarks, *  Sadiq Batcha * ended the walk with their thanks.

  The event was well coordinated by * Tittacherry Nissan Halim * and * Habibullah *.

  The entire event was hosted by * Sathiramanai Asan Mohammad *.

  Finished better with dinner.

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