Fun and Frolic At The DAS Wonderland 2021

Fun and Frolic At The DAS Wonderland 2021

IMG 20210701 WA0001The summer of 2021 was like no other we experienced before. In spite of the challenges of Covid-19, DAS schools organized a virtual summer camp- DAS Wonderland which commenced on 13th June. The camp received overwhelming responses from students across all schools in Kuwait with thoughtfully curated engaging activities for students.

The exuberant learners zealously participated and showcased their diligence towards each planned activity. The essence of the camp was to develop sound character of each student and ultimately this was achieved.

The closing ceremony was held on 15th July with fabulous performances by participating students. Many parents expressed their gratitude towards the efforts of the schools to organize a creative virtual program. The overwhelming acknowledgement through their reviews and feedback was a motivating factor for the entire DAS family.

Each student as awarded an e-certificate of participation for their enthusiasm, while faculty members of the camp received an e-certificate of appreciation for their deserving efforts.

At DAS schools, we encourage our students to learn beyond the concept of academic abilities and understand the principles to becoming a multi-rounded global citizen.

For admissions, contact

Aspire Indian International School- 55195455

Indian Central School-55357199

Pakistan English School-55284990

Aspire Bilingual School-51776388

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