IMA Kuwait conducts an online public program “The message of Eid Al Adha".

IMA Kuwait conducts an online public program “The message of Eid Al Adha".


Eid Milan Flyer“It is the total submission and devotion to the will of God who has created us to worship and obey Him, this world is a testing place where human beings are being tempted by Satan whose every effort is to misguide the mankind from the right path and persuade them into the disobedience of God.” Said Mr. Nisar Ahmed, the key note speaker, during his speech on the topic of “The message of Eid ul Adha”. He further said that the message of Eid Al Adha was the “glorification of the God”, “equality of the mankind in the sight of God” and “remembrance of the Prophet Ibrahim PBUH and his sacrifices. The speaker on this occasion emphasized how Prophet Ibrahim PBUH stood against the Namrood, then king, left his parents, home and the country in Iraq and migrated to Palestine. Later he left his beloved family in the barren land of Makkah as a complete submission to the will and command of God. He further emphasized that every noble cause in life needed sacrifice as Prophet Ibrahim (AS) sacrificed his most beloved things.

Mr. Reaven D’ Souza, the editor in chief of The Times Kuwait Magazine, Guest Speaker delivered his speech on the topic “Unity in diversity is India’s great feature”. He quoted an extract from the book “The discovery of India” written by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India that “The diversity of India was tremendous, it was obvious, it lied in the surface and anybody could see it”. He concluded his speech with the note that it would be difficult for India to be a great nation without the diversity in the unity.

On this occasion Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Principal Indian Community School Kuwait, ICSK, guest speaker, spoke on “Importance of interfaith understanding and mutual respect”. She appreciated the efforts and every single move taken by Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait to gather the people of different sections of the society on one platform with a mutual respect which was very important for an interfaith dialogue. She stressed that all Indian citizens must love and respect each other and that is what they should teach their children.

Dr Mohan Ram, a Senior Hematoma oncologist -KCCC Kuwait and President of UPNRI FORUM Kuwait, also delivered his speech as guest speaker, He spoke on the topic “Festivals and it's positive impact” and highlighted the importance of festivals in our life with a note, “these festivals bring joy & happiness in our lives, help us in developing the hormones in our bodies to fight against different complications like cancer and heart attacks”. He further pointed out that the happiness which we get from these festivals reduce the workload on our heart and mind as they always bring positivity in our life to tackle against these diseases.

The program commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran by Munawwar Hussain. Faheemuddin Shareef convened the program adeptly. Mirza Tanvir Baig, IMA-Outreach Department Coordinator, on behalf of IMA Kuwait concluded the program by paying “Vote of Thanks” to the Guest speakers, guests and the audience for their overwhelming response to attend the program and relentless support. He also thanked IMA volunteers and the members for their continuous support, assistance and co-operation in making this event successful.

IFL  - Kuwait 2021 India Independence Day Special