Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s Poetic Evening

Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s Poetic Evening

Group 1The Writers’ Forum Kuwait, a platform of multilingual poets residing in Kuwait met for their monthly meeting on Friday, 30th July 2021. The meeting was restricted to the virtual platform of zoom due to ongoing pandemic but that could not restrict the members’ creativity by any means.

The meeting started in the presence of the President of the forum Mrs. Maimuna Chougle while the General Secretary Ms. Nazneen Ali compered the proceedings. The Founder member of the forum Umesh Sharma was requested to preside over the meeting while Mohan Singh, another dedicated member was designated to be the Chief Guest.

As a usual process, the meeting started with its first session of prose where Dr. (Ms.) Radhika Guleri Bhardwaj read a short story with a deep message of honesty and good deeds. Her story and its message was well received by the members present. The meeting then proceeded to its second session that was equally mesmerizing and entertaining whilst emotional. Ameeruddin Ameer started the session by reciting a melodic Hindi poem with a valuable message against pride and arrogance. Ms. Sabiha Bilgrami an English poet recited her poem dedicated to her neighbor, reflecting the importance of a good neighbor that everybody could relate to. The members were amused due to the presence of Mrs. Chhaya Athavle and Rajiv Athavle who have recently relocated India. Mrs. Chhaya Athavle recited very beautiful poems in Hindi describing the reality of life, importance of unity and brotherhood. Rajiv Athavle recited a famous Ghazal couplet in his melodious voice that was enjoyed by all. Ms. Kalpana Shah shared the reality of life through a Hindi poem in which she beautifully compared the ups and downs of life to a kite. Ms. Anupama Chaturvedi made everyone emotional with her poem in Hindi related to an individual’s trauma, which was highly appreciated by all members. Ms. Kamla Prakash’s melodious and soothing voice lent to her poetry on love and companionship what is cherished by all. Veteran Urdu poet Sayeed Nazar Kadpawi recited a Ghazal that raised the bar to an altogether different level. His poetic experience was clearly visible in each of the couplets that he recited. The momentum was well maintained by yet another beautiful Ghazal by Ms. Nazneen Ali who questioned multiple colors of life viz. love, despair, apprehension, tranquility and trust, through her systematically woven words. Sunil Sonsi’s liveliness and Sabir Omer’s presence added to the flavor of the meeting.

In his remarks as the Chief Guest of the day Mohan Singh specifically appreciated each and every poet’s creation, thus bringing out the gist of the meeting. He also recited a Hindi poem composed by his daughter Ms. Parminder Kaur whom he represents.  The president of the evening Umesh Sharma set another benchmark through his Ghazal with couplets on Philosophy, a difficult subject to pen. In his keynote as the President, he admired all the members mentioning that each meeting of the forum has an edge over the previous one. These poetic meets not only provide an experience to cherish but also a roadmap for their literary journey.

Before concluding, Ms. Nazneen Ali once again all thanked all the members for their presence and wished everyone a good festive month ahead. The meeting ended with everyone hoping to be able to meet each other personally soon.

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