Patriotism Echoed at Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s Meeting


Patriotism Echoed at Writers’ Forum Kuwait’s Meeting

Group Pic 2Writers’ Forum Kuwait, an August group of multilingual poets and writers from India, residing in Kuwait, met for their monthly meeting on the virtual platform of zoom on Friday, 27th August. The evening was a special one as it was an evening dedicated to the celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India.

The members greeted each other with much fervor and patriotism. The General Secretary of the forum and compere of the evening, Mrs. Nazneen Ali, started the day with a patriotic couplet that filled the atmosphere with respect and love for the Nation. She invited the President of the forum and Urdu Critic, Mrs Maimuna Chougle, to preside over the day’s proceeding while Hindi poetess Mrs. Anupama Chaturvedi was requested to be the Chief Guest of the day.While Patriotism was at the core of most of the recitations;colorsofcreativity, reality, love, life and humor were also witnessed in the meeting.

The meeting commenced on a high note with Mrs. Nazneen Ali wishing everyone on the occasion of the Independence Day. She recited a ghazal in Urdu that mesmerized everyone. Urdu ghazals are usually a combination of independent couplets where each couplet may express different feelings and convey different message. She was followed by Umesh Sharma who also showcased his extraordinary writing skills through a ghazal. The session of ghazals continued with Urdu poet Sayeed Nazar reciting another remarkable ghazal that was much appreciated.

The feeling of patriotism reached it heights by a patriotic poem ‘Tiranga’ by Mrs. Kalpana Shah. While Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Guleri Bhardwaj was successful in spreading the message of living life with a zeal during this current tough time of the pandemic, Mrs. Kamla Prakash touched a sensitive issue of the loneliness of an old aged mother. An entirely different aspect was well touched by Sunil Sonsi through his motivational poem.

Pic 1Ameeruddin Ameer recited a poem dedicated to one's life partner, bringing out the importance of family relationships. Mrs. Kavita Sarvesh entertained everyone with her imagination on a very simple yet interesting subject of ‘the cap of a pen’. Member Mohan Singh recited a poem with beautifully woven words on the importance of smile composed by his daughter Mrs. Parminder Kaur.Subsequent to all the beautiful renditions, the Chief Guest of the day Mrs. Anupama Chaturvedi appreciated all the poets in a unique way by rewording their own couplets in their praise.She then shared a poignant story depicting the reality of life and the complexity of relations that some people face in a marital relationship.The meeting reached its benchmark with a patriotic poem by the President, Mrs Maimuna Ali Chougle. In her presidential remarks, she wished that India reaches new heights every day. She also wished that the poets of the Forum and all other fellow Indians who are  away from home will continue to love both the countries that they are associated with; their motherland India and the land where the live and work - Kuwait.

The meeting concluded with Mrs. Nazneen Ali congratulating all the members for yet another successful evening. All the members hoped that the pandemic and the related restrictions might end soon and wished to meet physically next time if the regulations in the country permit.

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