Mystery Box song by Andrew and Team

Mystery Box

Our song which is more of a film portrays a tale about an untold story that unravels a mystery he wanted to solve. Although relationships may seem complicated, there is more than meets the eye.

Our project was initiated by a group of friends which is one among many projects done in the recent past. These are childhood friends from various backgrounds and with different interest however with the same passion to create good music. This team includes the Director, Mr. Mohammed Umar, the Director of Photography, Mr. Raja Durai, Lead artist (singer), Mr. Mohammed Ramzan, Rapper and lyricist, Dr. Andrew Panicker, Lyricist and male cast, Mr. Mohammed Rifkhan and female cast Mrs. Amandeep Kaur.

Our song was titled “Mystery Box” and as you guessed it, the plot involves something of a mystery. The story depicts the love displayed by a couple and how it had a tragic end following a course of numerous occasions of fights and misunderstandings. However, a curious wanderer stumbles over a bottle only to have his life changed forever. As the song proceeds, he meets the spirit of the woman who has quite the story to tell. All this action packed into 5 minutes of a song will leave you wanting more.

Relationships no matter the nature has its ups and downs. During the downs, rather than jumping to conclusions and taking a decision that would leave you regretful, it is of our opinion that it would be worthwhile to take time and understand its origin and where it stemmed from.

If you would like to understand a little more and be taken into a world where you might be able to relate to I would suggest you to click on this link

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