Kuwait Cricket National Team to participate in the upcoming ICC - International Cricket Council T-20 World Cup Qualifiers at Qatar.

Kuwait Cricket National Team (powered by IDP IELTS) to participate in the upcoming ICC - International Cricket Council T-20 World Cup Qualifiers at Qatar.

246126843 1348695395533593 7416355275920121263 nKuwait Cricket Club is the official governing body for the game of cricket in association with Public Authority of Sports, Olympic Committee of Kuwait and the International Cricket Council (ICC - the world's governing body for cricket) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC - Operating under ICC)

Kuwait Cricket National Team (powered by IDP IELTS) is departing to Qatar today to participate in the upcoming ICC - International Cricket Council T-20 World Cup Qualifiers scheduled to take place from 19th - 30th October 2021 at the Asian Town Stadium in Doha.

Kuwait Cricket Board’s appointee Muthumudalige Pushpakumara has selected the final 14 men squad out of the 20 contracted players with the KCC board and the team will continue to be led by the left arm spinning sensation Mohammad Aslam who has earlier in 2020 led Kuwait to a historic qualification for the final leg of the Asian Cup qualifiers against UAE, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Kuwait National Squad for ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers - Doha:

Adnan Idrees
Bilal Khan
Edson Silva
Kashif Shareef
Meet Bhavsar+
Mohammed Aslam*
Morshed Mostafa
Nawaf Ahmed
Naveed Fakhr
Pradeep Wasantha
Ravija D’ Silva
Sayed Monib
Shiraz Khan
Usman Gani+

Jiss Jacob
Nasir Hussain

Kuwait Cricket Management & Coaching Staff:

Team Manager: Mahmoud Abdullah
Assistant Manager: Qais Parkar
Head Coach: Muthumudalige Pushpakumara
Assistant Coach / Trainer: Nikhil Kulkarni
Fielding Coach: Shehan Shashika

Kuwait will take on Bahrain as their first opponent on the 24th of October, followed by Saudi Arabia (25th Oct), Maldives (28th Oct) and then Qatar (29th Oct).

The ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers in Qatar is a massive opportunity for Kuwait and all the participating countries as the winner of the tournament will qualify for the final leg - The Global Qualifier for ICC T20 World Cup.

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Earlier on Saturday (16th Oct), Kuwait Cricket Board President Mr. Haider Farman, General Secretary Mr. Emad Al Jassam & Director General Mr. Sajid Ashraf along with National Team Manager Mr. Mahmoud Abdullah & Managing Director of Kuwait Swedish Mr. Asad Khan (Official cleaning services partner of Kuwait Cricket) conducted a ceremony along with all the KCC members for the national men’s team of Kuwait to wish them all the luck for the tournament and handed over contractual remuneration for Q3 & allowances for the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers at Sulaibiya Cricket Ground.

Support the Kuwait Men's team and wish them luck as they embark on a dream world cup journey and follow them here on #kuwaitcricketofficial and watch them live in action on icc.tv

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